The importance of following your beliefs

desk with laptop, promotedCash on your emotional agility. It is really never too late!

Every single day, depending on the way I wake up, my life seems either worth an OBE or just the rubbish bin. I guess this is the sweet torment of any entrepreneur, even more, if one does not fit the imaginary profile of a young ’30s. ( I am 48)

I made the big jump some years ago, abandoning the green pastures of a financially rewarding job in the City. Yes, I had been following ” the right path” until then: I was a good daughter, had good uni grades, fulfilling work at JPMorgan, married, and with four beautiful kids. Let me clarify one thing: The big jump was rather a big push. My body and mind forced me to stop everything and deal with a severe depression that I had really not seen coming. Life constrained me to change my choices and thanks for that!

So here I am, same me but with new and fully customised wiring.  It has been a bumpy ride impossible to have taken without the help of specialists and loved ones.  With time I have learned how to carve my own work purpose: one that involves the fight against overconsumption, strengthening the woman empowerment movement, whilst involving my kids in the project. Those are the seeds of Mediterranean Bio, a sustainable food start-up offering disruptive solutions to global problems. Inspired by the concept of Mindful consumerism, I am betting on people’s eagerness to vote with their wallets and positively change their food habits. But no sacrifices needed here. I want to play as if we had a magic wand, wouldn’t we want food that brings total joy and a feeling of community? buying products that feed both your body and soul?

Nutrition is a major instrument for change and I want to be part of it. My first product tackles a daily food with a major overall negative impact: Sugar.

Yes, a big challenge but also a huge purpose and motivation! I have made good use of my hard-earned emotional agility and just launched SWICILY. Organic grape sugar from Sicily: the most sustainable, trustworthy, and natural of sugar choices exclusively made with heritage organic Sicilian grapes. The sweetest invitation to change habits: quality food with nutrients brought back from Ancient History and reinvented in a version in line with our current aspirations. A natural sugar Ethically made presented as a multi-purpose product appealing to a vast array of consumers, from family, the chef to the sportsman.

All the branding, design, and social media is done in-house, with my kids. That definitely gives us something to talk about around dinner time!

As I am starting to contact buyers and the pressures of any self-funded venture build-up, I still cannot believe that this is a reality. The entrepreneur torment I mentioned earlier is also a renewable energy source that feeds by batteries: a more sustainable way to manage my work-emotional needs balance. It’s just a pity I had to wait so long to be pushed into finding my real purpose and enjoy taking calculated risks.

Love and courage,


Patricia de Middel PuchAbout the author

Patricia de Middel Puch is a business woman, Art patron, disruptive talents coach and mother of four. Her positive curiosity and social engagement has led to a breadth of challenging life projects – from setting-up the first international social media in West Africa, totally managed by local talents, to heading client relations at JPMorgans or coaching start-ups at the most renowned universities. Patricia founded Mediterranean Bio in her quest for disruptive solutions to global problems.


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