The importance of loving yourself in 2021

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With so many women struggling with feelings of self doubt, overwhelm and burnout, 2021 couldn’t be a more important time for true self love.

Following the unprecedented experiences of the past year, more and more women are struggling. This not only affects their career, but it affects their relationships and their mental health too. When you try to help yourself, but you still feel crap, it’s natural to question whether it’s because there is something wrong with you? “Maybe I’m just broken and I need fixing!?”

I don’t believe this is the case. From my perspective I only see a lack of self love at play, and it doesn’t matter how hard you try, struggle, push or hustle, when you don’t love who you are, your effort will largely be in vain!

As a result, I see passionate women putting all their energy into ‘trying to be someone they’re not’ and ‘trying to prove themselves’, and in the process they feel demoralised and worthless, yet, rather than taking their focus inward, and spending the time to develop a loving relationship with whom they really are, they pour more time, more energy and more money into creating ‘the successful business’, and paying a coach to help them be a success, when in reality their needs are being unmet.

Without taking the time to develop a loving relationship with yourself – the deep and unconscious beliefs and blocks that create how you feel will remain, and become your identity. The more you repress how you feel, the greater the inner conflict will be, and this can lead to far-reaching issues of self sabotaging behaviour, seeking externally to feel good about yourself.

This repression manifests itself in over working, over delivering, even over achieving, not to mention the overspending, drinking or comfort eating and unless you have the self-awareness to realise what’s happening, you’ll stay stuck, and keep on coming back to the same fruitless patterns and beliefs.

Once you wake up to what’s happening, you get to free yourself of these patterns, you’ll realise you no longer need to prove yourself or seek externally to feel good about yourself. As you experience your truth, you’ll naturally experience and realise your desires, without all the struggle! You’ll know you’re good enough and align with who you really are!

Two questions to contemplate before you set your intentions for 2021….Do you realise the importance of learning to love yourself? Are you ready to love yourself in 2021….?

Georgina LynchAbout the author

Georgina is a qualified Integrative Counsellor, Life Coach and a passionate Self Love Advocate, working with women to develop a loving relationship with their True Self, and in the process helping them to fulfill their wildest desires.

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