Tips for inspiring the unmotivated and why it’s a powerful driver of team success

There can be 1,000 reasons why people are unmotivated. Understanding why you feel like this is the first step to moving from the humdrum to the happy.  Here are some tips to consider.

1. Write a list of why you feel unmotivated. Then in a column to the right of your list, write what the solutions could be to solving each one of these issues which are nipping away at your karma. Demotivation is all about fear. Until you’ve identified what your fears are, you can’t go about tackling them. Be encouraged by the fact, there is an answer to nearly every problem.  The truth is most of the answers lie with you and not with someone else.

2. Define the everyday actions you can take to rediscover your motivation. Big goals can seem overwhelming. We need to break them down into small, achievable, repeatable steps and then stick to them. Successful people consistently do what other only occasionally do. Those who climb Everest start by pointing their toes in the right direction. Focussed everyday actions are the answer to getting out of a rut.  Write down those everyday actions and then try, try and try again to stick to them.

3. Live a healthier life. If you are feeling unmotivated chances are that you could boost your mindset and your soul by improving the big three of wellbeing – sleep, exercise, and diet. Do better here and your motivation will improve.

4. Think about your purpose. Why are you doing what you are doing? What’s your purpose in life? To find you way to motivation and happiness you may well have to re-set your reason “why”. So, many people did this in COVID and concluded that what they were doing in the past was not fit for the future.  Once we are clear on our purpose, we can then take inspiration and put a spring into our step.

5. Talk about it. Find someone who you can chat with about your unmotivated state. Share your thoughts and share your possible solutions. Talking things over is often as much about validating what you already think as much as getting the wise counsel of others.  If you get some new ideas too, that’s a bonus.

6. Be kinder to yourself. Most of us are too hard on ourselves. Take a moment, sit somewhere with a nice view. Take a breath. We need to make time for careful and considered self-reflection. Consider how much you’ve achieved. Think about all the challenges you’ve overcome. Hopefully, you’ll conclude that you are awesome.  Then take that attitude into the next bout of life and work.

7. Think about your values. Are you clear about what are the values that really matter to you. Chances are that if you are feeling demotivated your values are under attack from someone or something. Our values define the people we like, the companies that we would be happiest working for and the roles which we are best suited to.  When our values collide, we get hacked off.  Maybe you demotivation stems from this?

8. Try meditation. In the post pandemic world more and more people are trying meditation. There are a host of apps like Calm or Insight Timer. Buy a sleep mask with headphones from Amazon for a modest sum. Bluetooth that to your meditation app.  Then try some guided mediation. If this works for you, it can change your karma, boost your soul, lower your heart rate, and de-stress like never before.

One of the good things to come out of the pandemic was a focus on well being and mental health. Motivation is a key part of the same world.  Right now, our souls are under attack. As well as the age-old challenges of raising families and earning money, there are a host of new horrors to batter our brains.

There are the gobsmacking shambles of our political leaders; the extreme stress of a looming cost of living crisis; and the horrors of rocketing energy bills and soaring inflation.  This is all on top of the anxiety we went through during COVID. Then there is the fact that our working lives have been entirely changed in the hybrid world of back-to-back Zooms.

No wonder so many of us have lost our edge and have our motivation dulled.  However, it is not a good place to linger.  It is time to re-set. Don’t hang around. Life is too short. It’s time to take the right everyday actions and rediscover our mojos.

About the author

Jeremy Campbell, people & business transformation expert and CEO of Black Isle Group. If you would like to find out more about Jeremy, you can connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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