Tips for succeeding in a Zoom interview

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Sadly, so many people are being forced to look for alternative work, and as a result more people than ever before will be taking part in virtual job interviews.

In this piece Anna Barez-Brown focuses on her tips for succeeding in a Zoom interview.

Anna believes that by following what she calls the 5P’s will stand you in good stead to really excel in every Zoom interview.


You must be even more presentable on a Zoom interview than you would be in a boardroom setting. The way you present yourself on the camera will say so much about you.

Present yourself well and make it clear you’ve made a real effort. It’s not just you that has to be presentable, and this also extends to your background.

Your background is essential; untidy shelves or cluttered backdrops will provide your interviewer with an insight into you before you’ve even started talking. So be conscious of your Zoom presence and have things in your background that represent your brand.

It is important to iron out any concerns you have about Zoom or the interview process ahead of the call. Work out what these worries are and find ways to combat them, so you feel completely comfortable when the interview begins.

This could include working out how you come across best; maybe you prefer standing or sitting on a high stool to feel more engaged and energised.

Personal stories.

A virtual interview will mean there is even more emphasis on what you’re saying, as other aspects such as body language are much harder to read online. Be mindful of what you’re saying, plan out what you want to cover to some extent.

This could be any key point from the previous experience you feel will strengthen your case or the interesting facts about the company interviewing you.


How you look into the camera is important. Sit tall and ensure your camera captures your whole face and is angled correctly, so you don’t show off cluttered areas of your environment.

I would recommend phoning a friend for a test run to check that you’re at the right distance from the camera and angled correctly. During the interview, be mindful of knowing when to lean in and away to demonstrate you’re engaged.


Nerves will inevitably creep in ahead of the interview. Still, there will be such an emphasis on what you’re saying throughout the interview process.

You must be impeccable with your word, and it’s important that you take time to breathe and don’t rush over essential aspects.

Use your breathing, research well and rehearse ahead of the interview.

Power Questions. 

I would highly recommend preparing a couple of powerful questions for the end of the interview so that the interviewers feel engaged, and this will also help demonstrate you’ve given it some thought.

When preparing these questions, it might help to look at who will be interviewing you, think about your audience, who they are, and how you can bring them into an overall conversation.

About the author

Anna Baréz-Brown, Co-Founder, ShineAnna Baréz-Brown co-founded Shine for Women with Caroline Whaley in 2013. The company, which aims to make the corporate world a more human place, has reached over 75 different nationalities across four continents working with thousands of women.

Anna is passionate about female empowerment, moving away from an alpha culture to creating new ways of working together that benefit all – men and women – of all ages. She helps companies to build working relationships based on trust, collaboration, empathy and flexibility with long term sustainability as the critical goal.


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