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Sarah Thomas

In December 2019 I hit an all time low. Two traumatic births that led to months of medical treatment and support, a medically induced menopause, weight gain and skin problems left me feeling like I was an alien in my own body and life.

After an unsuccessful shopping trip to buy a top for a dinner party I decided enough was enough.

Within 12 months I had lost 4 stone, overhauled my style, started a new business and discovered a new sense of confidence and passion – to help other women.

I felt low, lonely and lost and I didn’t know who, or where to turn to. I am lucky and have a fantastic husband and great mum – who is also my business partner – but I know that so many women who are where I was don’t have that and that’s ultimately how I started Sarah Thomas Lifestyle.

It started as an instagram page during lockdown – a place for me to diarise and share my journey and it quickly grew. I started getting requests from women to take them shopping which was so flattering. I started sharing more styling tips and the personal shopping side of the business is booming. 

I was an accountant originally! I had a successful career but, took the step back to have my family and so quickly felt lost and isolated.

One thing I really missed during lockdown and also since I stopped working in an office environment, was time spent with like-minded women. 

I decided to see if there was an interest for bringing the community I had built online into real life… and there was!

We have now hosted three events, each one bringing together fantastic independent businesses founded and run by women to share their products, services and experiences with like-minded women. I have learnt so much from these women including the art of juggling!

  1. First and foremost, know you won’t always get it right, some weeks you’ll find the perfect balance and others you absolutely won’t and that’s ok. The most important thing is to always be kind to yourself.
  2. Get organised, I use my iPhone “family” calendar to make sure everything is written down, at the beginning of each week I can look to what’s ahead and get everything ready.
  3. Take some of the thinking out of the day to day, for example mealtimes, I use a meal prep service (Hello Fresh) five days a week, this means I don’t have to even consider what I am going to cook and making endless shopping lists, but still get the joy of cooking.
  4. Have a trusty notebook! Make lists, to do lists are my best friends, I have ongoing separate ones for work, kids and home, that way if it’s written down you can work things through systematically and not worry about forgetting things like your child’s best friend’s birthday present for next week!
  5. Prioritise your health and well-being, even the most well organised of individuals can’t manage on empty, always plan to take time out for you.

About the author

Sarah Thomas baking with her childrenA champion in empowerment through beautiful skin, she is the creative mind behind Clockface Beauty, she makes it her mission to help people know exactly what they’re putting onto their skin. From using only carefully selected, pure, powerful 100% natural, vegan, organic and cruelty-free ingredients, to ensuring total transparency of labelling, she sees the power and intelligence of nature for unlocking beauty, soothing the mind and rejuvenating the body. Above all, she believes everyone deserves a little me time every day, however small – and she’s driven to help everyone get the best from it by creating multi tasking, results driven skin care. As a busy mum of two young boys and a qualified Chartered Accountant by background, Sarah understands the value of time. She also knows how important it is to get the most out of it – and why the products you use should help you come away from it looking and feeling like the very best version of you, inside and out.

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