Achieving work-life balance as a working mum

young mum working from home with child, school holidays

Article by Natasha Lucy, owner and nurse prescriber at Natasha Lucy Clinics

Firstly, I want to commend all the working mums out there that have navigated the last two years of the pandemic.

You are amazing. Home schooling, running a business or working alongside taking care of your children in a time of great uncertainty… it’s been a challenge let’s be honest. I think we all ought to be proud of ourselves, take a moment and reflect on what we’ve achieved.

I started my career in paediatrics, and after such rewarding career, I later diversified and went on to found Natasha Lucy Clinics, a luxury skincare and aesthetics clinic in Essex. As a business owner and a busy (single) mum to four children – the youngest of which is just three years old, I am often asked how I achieve a work/life balance. The simple answer is that I don’t. Not yet anyway. I’m still striving for it.

I also think the idea of a work/life balance is entirely individual. What you may consider balanced may be less or more so to me and vice versa.

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I do think however, that as a working mum there’s so much pressure to be present, to do the “right thing”, yet surely “the right thing” is also subjective?

When I am faced with the inevitable “mum guilt” that all of us working mothers experience at some point, I ask myself “Are my children happy? healthy? Are they thriving? Do I spend quality time with them? Do they have a roof over their heads and nutritious food in their mouths?  The answer is yes. Then I also make sure I make time for myself – exercise is another passion of mine, it’s good for both body and mind.

This International Women’s Month has me thinking of how proud I am of not only myself and how far I have come, but also every other mother/parent out there, especially the ones going it alone, working or otherwise – it’s no easy feat, let’s be honest. And if more of us were open about the daily struggles of achieving a work/life balance rather than just showing the good bits or feeling as if we have to elaborate the truth, and if companies offered more support around making that even a fraction more possible for mums (and dads alike), we’d perhaps feel less of the pressure.

I hope my children grow up to appreciate how hard I work, I hope they watch their mum go to work every day, build a business from scratch, form relationships with my patients and feel that subsequently, they can do the same, whatever that may be for them.

About the author

Natasha LucyNatasha Lucy is a fully qualified Nurse Prescriber and the founder of Natasha Lucy Clinics in Essex.
She began her career as a pediatrics nurse and has worked in the medical profession for many years. She later qualified in basic and advanced aesthetics techniques and treats a range of high-profile clients. Her ethos is “less is more” when it comes to aesthetic and cosmetic work and she is renowned for her meticulous attention to detail.
Natasha lives in Chigwell, Essex with her four children.

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