Networking Advice

Connecting via Social Media – Advice

You know what your business is all about.  You have defined objectives,measurable, specific detailed goals and actions that you refine regularly.  You’ve decided to expand your traditional ways of marketing to your customers and embrace conversational marketing.  You’ve decided to add a SocialMedia component to engage in Web 2.0 dialogue with your customers and hopefully grow your business. So you start broadcasting on your chosen channels.  Unfortunately here’s...
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Networking Tips

We spoke to Gwen Rhys, founder of City Women and Networking Culture to provide us with some tips on Networking.  Gwen has extensive experience in Networking and runs her own consultancy Networking Culture. Networking is important, says business networking expert Gwen Rhys. But pounding the flesh over a few limp canapés isnt enough on its...
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About the EPWN

Michelle Brailsford heads up the London arm of the European Professional Women’s Network.   European Professional Women’s Networkis a vibrant growing pan-European federation of more than 17 women’s network. Our common objective is to provide women with the tools, networks and support they need to assume leadership. We aim to share knowledge across Europe, and are...
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