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Each year, International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated on March 8, with the first day being held in 1911. Thousands of events occur to mark the economic, political and social achievements of women.

This year’s theme is #EmbraceEquity – which aims to get the world talking about why equal opportunities aren’t enough.

We’ve rounded up a number of ways that you can celebrate International Women’s Day and help #EmbraceEquity, including joining us at our IWD live meditation, and giving the gift of recognition through our Rising Star Awards!

Rising Star 2023

Give the gift of recognition this International Women’s Day and nominate someone remarkable for the 2023 Rising Star Awards!

Giving the gift of recognition can be a truly meaningful gesture, especially when it comes to acknowledging the hard work and achievements of someone who deserves it. To celebrate IWD, why not nominate someone remarkable for a Rising Star Award?

By shining a light on the incredible women around you, you not only give them the chance to be recognised for their work, but you also help to foster a culture of excellence and encourage others to strive for greatness.

So, if you know someone who has been making a difference in their industry or community, nominate them today! It’s a simple yet powerful way to show your appreciation and lift others up this International Women’s Day.

Don’t forget, we welcome self-nominations. Acknowledging your own accomplishments can be an incredible tool for opening up new opportunities and celebrating your successes to date.

Website Graphic : Health and Welbeing

Take a peek at our brand new Health and Wellbeing section!

This International Women’s Day, we wanted to encourage our community to prioritise their health and wellbeing. Amidst the challenges and demands of daily life, it’s easy to neglect our physical and mental health, but it’s important to remember that self-care is not selfish, it’s necessary.

To shift the focus, we have launched a dedicated section featuring articles, resources and videos that promote healthy lifestyle choices, such as nutrition information, exercise tips, and mental health advice, all designed to promote self-care and self-love this IWD. From virtual yoga and meditation sessions to articles on nutrition and reducing stress, there’s something for everyone.

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Claim your early bird ticket to the 2023 One Tech World Conference on 27 April!

Claim your early bird ticket for just £49.99 + VAT to the One Tech World global virtual conference this International Women’s Day and join a global community of women who are shaping the future of technology. Network with industry leaders, attend informative sessions, and gain insights into the latest tech trends and innovations.

This is your chance to connect with like-minded individuals, build your professional network, and learn from some of the brightest minds in the tech industry. With a diverse lineup of speakers and topics ranging from cloud, crypto and cyber-crime right through to global challenges, green IT and gaming, you’ll leave the conference with new skills, inspiration, and connections.

Celebrate International Women’s Day by empowering yourself and advancing your career in tech!

Early bird offer ends 31 March. Full ticket price £99.99 + VAT.

Hear from Vanessa Vallely OBE and Helen Pankhurst CBE as they talk Suffragettes, Women’s Rights and our move towards Gender Equity!

During this session, Helen, the great-granddaughter of Emmeline Pankhurst, the British political activist and leader of the suffragette movement, shares the history of the suffragette movement and her observations of progress for women over the decades. We also talk about equality vs equity, and discuss what needs to be done by government and organisations to create a more equitable society for all women.

Trailblazer Montage 2023

Discover our Trailblazers’ calls to action for driving Gender Equity

Last week, WeAreTheCity published our Top 50 Trailblazers in Gender Equity. Our 2023 Trailblazers are responsible for several campaigns that will have a significant impact for gender equity. They have used their voices to raise awareness of key issues that women and men face both in society and in the workplace that will impact our ability to achieve gender equity.

We asked our Trailblazers, ‘What one action would you like to see organisations, or the government take to drive gender equity?’, and they responded with their calls to action.

Anna Whitehouse, Founder of Mother Pukka said, “Flexible working from day one for everyone. By default. So the onus is on the employer to prove why it wouldn’t work, not on the employee to prove why it would.

Helen Pankhurst CBE, Senior Advisor, CARE International answered, “Better collection and use of gender disaggregated data. Good data is a powerful tool for change.”

Embracing equity is not just a one-day event. It’s a continuous effort to create a more inclusive and equal world for everyone, regardless of their gender, race, or background.

We’re proud to have a dedicated a page on our website for International Women’s Day. From stories of women who are breaking barriers to tips on how to promote gender equity in your community, there’s something for everyone.

We believe that by working together, we can create a more equitable world. So let’s continue to #EmbraceEquity, not just on International Women’s Day, but every day. Together, we can make a difference.

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