Hampton-Alexander Review 2019 | FTSE Women Leaders

Hampton Alexander Ftse Women Leaders featured

The 2019 Hampton-Alexander report shows that women now hold 32.4 per cent of all FTSE 100 board positions, up from 30.2 per cent last year and up from only 12.5 per cent in 2011.

The FTSE 100 is very close to meeting the 33 per cent target for Women on Boardsand will do so ahead of the 2020 deadline.

Today’s report also showsthat women hold 29.6 per cent of all FTSE 250 board positions,up from 24.9 per cent last year and only 7.8 per cent in 2011. The FTSE 250 has had its strongest year yet and if the same rate of progress continues next year, the FTSE 350 will be on track to meet the 33 per cent target by the end of 2020 deadline.

Not all companies are making the same efforts, and the gap between those working hard to improve gender balance and those doing little, is each year more obvious. Following successful campaigning and pressure from investors in the year, “One & Done” boards have reduced from 74 to 39this year.This includes 11 new entrants to the index but 28 companies at “One &  Done”for the second year running. These companies are a long way off target and showing a seemingly tokenistic approach to gender balance.


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