Inspirational Woman: Jackie Weaver | Chief Officer of the Cheshire Association of Local Councils, Author & Internet Sensation

Jackie Weaver

I have worked in the Parish and Town Council sector for 25 years having occupied various posts – Councillor; Clerk and for the greatest time – Chief Officer of the Cheshire Association of Local Councils.

My job includes providing guidance, support, training and representation for the 230 Councils in Cheshire and enabling them in turn to support their communities and deliver services on their behalf.

I am a qualified clerk; counsellor (specialising in bereavement) and mediator and feel that the knowledge and skills I have gained in those fields enable me to do my job better.

In recent months I have made numerous TV appearances on a diverse range of fora; The Last Leg, Steph’s Packed Lunch, Good Morning Britain and have done interviews on radio on a range of subjects; Governance; Diversity; Equality and Bullying.

I have a Twitter following of over 33k,  a popular podcast with diverse guests such as Anton du Beke; Rev Kate Botley and Jack Whitehall and have recently published ‘You do have the authority here’ which I like to think of as a little book of common sense.

Did you ever sit down and plan your career?

I wanted to be a Doctor – so no haven’t planned but have remained open to any opportunities that have presented themselves along the way

You’ve become a viral sensation overnight – how has life changed for you since?

It got busier!!! I am still very much involved in my ‘day job’ so life see saws from surreal (such as being made up to be one of the Walking Dead for a promotional video for Star on the Disney + channel) to delivering a training session that afternoon for 30 Councillors.

I thoroughly enjoyed writing the book – it was an opportunity to share my thoughts with a wider audience that I hope will get something out of it.

How did you remain so calm and collected during the meeting? Any tips?

Its about being outcome focussed. Knowing what I want to achieve and not being side tracked. I think this works for all sorts of scenarios.

Do you have any advice for those struggling to be heard during meetings – be it virtually or in-person?

Look again at what it is you want to say.  Is there another way of doing it – email; phone call etc then pick your time to contribute. Let the others get it off their collective chest before you come in. AND be concise!

You’ve since been using your platform to encourage young people into politics – what do you think are the barriers or what’s stopping people?

Biggest barrier is lack of understanding – how to get involved and what can be achieved when you are involved. We have become disillusioned with politics because we feel we cant affect change. That might be true of National Politics but we can certainly make a difference locally.

You also have a new book out – tell us about that?

I think of it as a little book of common sense. The kind of things that maybe your mum might have said – so hints and tips for managing meetings…and everyday life

What is your next challenge and what are you hoping to achieve in the future?

I am committed to raising the profile of our Town and Parish Councils (Local Councils). I feel that if people better understood what they can achieve they would want to get involved.

I would also love to have my own programme where I work with people in finding solutions to their problems.

You Do Have the Authority Here!: #What Would Jackie Weaver Do? | Jackie Weaver

What would lockdown internet sensation Britney Spears, aka Jackie Weaver, do? Are you tired of being patronised, talked over and told to read the standing orders? (Perhaps not that last one.)

For every woman who has endured that I-know-what’s-best-for-you tone, this is the audiobook for you. The feminist political icon we didn’t know we needed, the indomitable Jackie Weaver shares her own standing orders for life:

  • Zoom etiquette (don’t be another Julie’s iPad).
  • Asserting yourself in the workplace.
  • Making change in your local community.
  • Dealing with tiresome men who go on and on (and on).

No-nonsense, witty and incisive, Jackie Weaver will show you that you do have the authority here. This is an essential handbook for getting things done without fuss, keeping cool in the face of adversity and pressing mute on the noise

You Do Have the Authority Here!: #What Would Jackie Weaver Do? | Jackie Weaver

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