Liliia Pochkun

Liliia Pochkun

My name is Liliia Pochkun, an entrepreneur with many years of experience in Ukraine. I am a co-owner of a restaurant, I built a school, I created a publishing house. I am the author of two fairy tales about the immortal Queen of bees Triya and the author of the book, the first chapter of which you have already read at the beginning, and you will read at the end my favourite story about an apple.

I am a tireless dreamer led by the endless potential of innovation.

In February 2022, my younger son and I arrived in the UK. At that time, it seemed like a path with no possibility of returning home, as Russia was destroying our free and democratic country, Ukraine. After a month of adaptation, I began to think about what useful contribution I could make to this country. How could I repay the government for the support that was provided to a large number of my compatriots who found refuge in the UK? As an entrepreneur with extensive experience in start-ups in Ukraine, I decided to launch a borscht business. It was supposed to provide jobs for Ukrainians and paying taxes in this country would be a thank you for supporting my country. My project is to fulfil a social mission, to sell borscht through the global food network, to raise money for the reconstruction of Ukraine.

In the summer of 2022, I became a beacon of hope for many by volunteering with Cambridge4Ukraine. Together, we rallied as a community, providing shelter and support to over 100 individuals, forging bonds of solidarity and resilience in the face of adversity.

In April 2023, a dream took shape as I unveiled BorschToGo, a quaint bistro nestled in a park, serving the heart-warming national treasure, borsch. Our mission? To elevate borsch to global acclaim, mirroring the popularity of Japanese ramen, and in doing so, champion the cultural heritage of Ukraine and contribute to its rebuilding efforts. BorschToGo is not just a bistro; it’s a vision of unity, bridging cultures through the universal language of food. We aspire to build a global franchise network, uniting restaurateurs worldwide under the banner of Ukrainian culinary excellence.

I am a tireless dreamer led by the endless potential of innovation.

As a mother to four remarkable sons, my heart remains tethered to Ukraine, where two of my sons, alongside their father, continue to reside. Yet, my spirit soars with the promise of expanding our Ukrainian flavours across the globe, fuelled by the support of the VISA Business Support Program.

With your unwavering support, I am poised to realise my grand ambitions, armed with invaluable resources, expertise, and connections to propel BorschToGo to new heights.

Thank you for believing in my vision, for recognizing the potential within, and for paving the way towards a future brimming with possibilities. Together, we shall write a story of mutual success.


History aftertaste Apple. My grandmother Nastya has been resting in heaven for a long time. But she came to me in a dream, as soon as she heard that I was opening a borsch project in Cambridge and dreamed of gaining the same popularity for Ukrainian borsch as Japanese ramen and sushi, Italian pizza and pasta. And now my grandmother is standing near our house, under a huge apple tree. So beautiful, in a flowery scarf, smiling. He bends a tree branch, plucks an apple and hands it to me: Lilyanka (that’s what she called me all my life), you said you would cook borsch… Put the apple in the borsch. Since then, every time I prepare borsch, I put an apple and remember the blessing of my grandmother Nastya. I pass it on to you.

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