Yevgeniya Zhyryakova

Yevgeniya Zhyryakova

It is my pleasure to introduce myself, I’m Yevgeniya Zhyryakova. I have been the head of the Ukrainian Educational Hub in Great Britain, which was created at the initiative of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, for two years. My work consists in creating and coordinating educational initiatives aimed at supporting Ukrainian culture and education in Great Britain.

Recently I became the CEO of the London Business Club. In a club, I have the opportunity to reveal all my potential and experience gained in business and communications.

I am glad to share my story with you as part of the Visa Everywhere Pioneer 20 nomination. My journey from Kyiv to London is a trip of courage, faith, and small achievements.

I have great experience behind me. I started and managed my own business in Kyiv. Developed a free course for children and youth FFEY – “Free Financial Education for Youth”. I was the founder and CEO of a discount startup in Hong Kong and China. I have worked in positions ranging from crisis manager to executive director. I was the initiator of several start-ups and social projects.

A passion for change and a belief that each of us can make the world a better place than yesterday determines my actions and decisions.

I am passionate about journalism, reading business books, table tennis and swimming. I love people and that is my biggest inspiration.

Charity is an integral part of my life. Abandoned pets have a special place in my heart. The story of my seven-day trip to Poland, at the beginning of the war, in a car with a dozen pets that needed to be sheltered and helped to find a new family, will always remain in my memory.

The war that came to our country changed everything. Plans, dreams were destroyed, my cousin Volodymyr Mukan, who was a true patriot and gave his life for the independence of Ukraine, was killed. The only thing that hasn’t changed for me is to never give up. I believe that everyone who was killed in the Ukrainian – Russian war wished that we would not give up, but fight as my brother did, as thousands of our soldiers do right now.

Right now, I have the opportunity to help people through my social mission in the Ukrainian Educational Hub, unite people, create opportunities, and give hope for the best.

A passion for change and a belief that each of us can make the world a better place than yesterday determines my actions and decisions.

My story is not only about professional achievements, but also about inner strength, faith, and hope. It reminds all of us that even in the most difficult moments, we can find strength and inspiration to move forward. I sincerely want to share these valuable lessons with the whole world so that everyone can believe in themselves and never give up.

Pioneer 20 2024 - Top 20 refugee women in the EU

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