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Menopause and the Workplace - The Fawcett Society

Menopause is beginning to move out of the shadows of stigma, but there are gaps in the evidence base.

The Fawcett Society believe this is the largest survey of menopausal women conducted in the UK. Much of the literature and, due to methodological constraints, our survey, focusses on women’s experiences, but we recognise that findings will be relevant to many trans men and non-binary people.

The Fawcett Society’s research has uncovered significant challenges in the workplace with detrimental impacts for menopausal women:

  • One in ten who have worked during the menopause have left a job due to their symptom.

  • Eight out of ten women say their employer hasn’t shared information, trained staff, or put in place a menopause absence policy.

  • Almost half of women haven’t approached their GPs about the menopause and three in ten of those who have experienced delays in diagnosis.

  • Only four in ten women who have talked to their GP about the menopause say they were immediately offered HRT.

Reform is needed, urgently.

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