Women at Work 2022: A Global Outlook | Deloitte

Women at Work 2022: A Global Outlook | Deloitte

The past year has spurred a period of change for many companies and employees—one that has brought both opportunities and challenges.

Many employers have worked hard to take what they learned during the first year of the pandemic and combine it with more traditional ways of working (including implementing hybrid work models).

However, the responses of 5,000 women in the workplace across 10 countries make clear that the pandemic continues to take a heavy toll on women. Burnout, for example, has reached alarmingly high levels. At the same time, many women have made career and life decisions driven by their experiences during the pandemic. For some, this has meant seeking new, more flexible working patterns; for others, it has meant leaving their employers or the workforce entirely.

Deloitte’s findings highlight substantial challenges—but they also show the positive impact of those organisations that are getting it right.

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