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There’s no straight path to success

We are taught at school that success is like following a well-lit, straight path through the woods. You get good grades, go to university and then pursue your dream career. If you fall off the path and get lost you might not be able to get back on. But I believe we often have to forge our own path to...
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Ten simple rules to follow to guarantee success in your career

As a professional with over 10 years in business, I have been fortunate to have worked with some very successful executives around the globe. What follows is a brief outline of 10 simple rules that, if followed, will guarantee career success. Rule One – It’s your career! This first rule is about recognising that this...
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Overcoming Obstacles and finding career success event

25/08/2016: WeAreTheCity and Huddle event | Overcoming Obstacles and Finding Career Success

Over the lifetime of your career you’ll most likely face obstacles. We all do. But it’s how you deal with these obstacles and overcome challenges that really counts. Join Huddle and WeAreTheCity for an interactive meet-up and listen to Huddle’s panel of senior tech professionals who’ll share their stories of how they overcame obstacles to...
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Negotiating for Career Success | A WeAreTheCity Careers Club event in pictures

On 20 April, Careers Club members and guests came together at LinkedIn for our second Careers Club event of 2016. The evening, attended by 80 women consisted of speed networking as well as an in-depth session with Natalie Reynolds, Founder and Managing Director, advantageSPRING on Negotiating for Career Success. We would like to take this...
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Decode Your career success

A successful career is the key to every individual’s happiness and, whether we accept it or not, it is directly linked to their monetary well-being. However, do you know what exactly is needed to shape your career for success – how shall you decode career success. By the time you all read this – most...
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Career Success

7 keys to unlock your career success

Success means different things to different people. What I call success may not be what you call it and vice versa. So whether success to you means climbing the corporate ladder and shattering the glass ceiling; or doing a job that you can walk away from at the end of the day and not have...
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