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How to deal with sexual harassment at work

By Stephanie Rowe Sexual harassment in the workplace is sadly still commonplace. Many suffer in silence, too ashamed or afraid to speak out against it. Read this article for practical advice and learn how to put a stop to sexual harassment for good. Overview Many of us still imagine sexual harassment to be something from...
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Are you struggling with an untouchable boss and a Ted Baker culture?

“I started Organise because I didn’t see anywhere for people who spot problems at work to proactively fix them,” says Nat Whalley, Executive Director of Organise, the site which launched the petition against “forced hugs” and “ear kissing” at Ted Baker. This has since resulted in founder Ray Kelvin taking a leave of absence, and...
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What action can you take if you’re not being treated equally at work?

Article provided by Claire Kitchen, partner, Hodge Jones & Allen We all know that the law decrees that employers give equal treatment in the terms and conditions of their employment contract where they do the same job. Unbelievably in the current political climate, this sometimes is not obeyed by unscrupulous employers. What if this happens...
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Reignite Academy

For lawyers ready to reclaim their career

The Reignite Academy provides opportunities for experienced lawyers to return to the profession after a career hiatus, through a six month paid programme of training and work experience. The Academy is a unique collaboration between Inclusivity, She’s Back, and the XX Advantage and has six founding Law Firms committed to providing opportunities to enable you...
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Inspirational Woman: Kathryn Riley | Managing Director, Douglas Scott

Kathryn Riley is the founder and managing director of Douglas Scott. They are an award winning legal recruitment business with expertise spanning the legal profession in its entirety. Within the business, they have teams dedicated to private practice, in-house, partner moves, locum, newly qualified recruitment and professional support. Kathryn founded the business in 2004 after...
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The legalities of working in a heatwave

Article provided by Jo Stubbs, Head of Content at XpertHR With the heatwave showing no sign of slowing down across some parts of the UK, the Met Office issued a heatwave warning this week and reported that Monday was the hottest day of the year so far. Half of all offices are considered too hot...
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Upskirting law moves one step closer

The new law making upskirting a specific criminal offence has moved a step closer, as a Government Bill is introduced in Parliament today. The move was confirmed by the Prime Minister earlier this week, after a government-backed Private Members Bill (PMB) did not pass its second reading. The PMB was blocked in the House of...
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Why giving paralegals in your company recognition will help you retain staff, increase services & boost profits

Paralegals are defined as ‘persons who are trained and educated to perform certain legal tasks, but who are not qualified solicitors, barristers or chartered legal executives’. As an owner of a company, you have to cope with a broad spectrum of expenditure for all areas of your business. Not least, having the right legal advice...
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