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Vulnerability or Victim Behaviour? Why vulnerability can progress your leadership role and victim behaviour can stunt it

Despite what most people believe, vulnerability is a sign of strength and if you doubt this then you may not properly understand what it means to be vulnerable. When a leader shows vulnerability, they have accepted failure and progressed to a point where they can emotionally regulate their fear and sadness chemicals. Conversely, putting on...
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How to make strides in leadership

Developing necessary leadership skills can be an unnerving prospect. If you find yourself in a leadership role with limited previous leadership experience, following these simple steps can help you harness the power of this new opportunity. Being a female leader is still accompanied by prejudices however when stepping into this role as a woman you...
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Leadership can be learnt – trust me, I learnt the hard way

Article provided by AlBaraa H. Taibah I learned a lot about leadership in classes during my MBA, and afterwards, running national transformational education programs in Saudi Arabia. But my best lessons came when, while studying for an MBA, I switched Boston for the Sahara. My clean, ordered bedroom for a wooden plank in the desert...
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Women in authority – what’s the problem?

Power is at the heart of leadership, without it nothing important in the world happens. Influence gets us in the game. It is therefore important to build your authority and power as a female leader to make the difference you want to make. So how do you feel about being powerful? How do you feel...
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How leadership in your organisation needs to change for a millennial workforce

The next time you are at work, have a little look around. Does it seem that your workplace is full of ‘bright young things’ who see the world a bit (a lot!) differently from you? That’s because your workplace is increasingly a place dominated by 20- and 30-somethings who may indeed see the world quite differently from...
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Have we ‘over-professionalised’ the workplace?

By Tracy Kite, author of Love to Lead (£14.99, PanomaPress) Having trawled though management literature to try to find research on the impact that caring for others has on good business, can you guess what I found?  Pretty much nothing! So why don’t we mention care in leadership and business? I seriously doubt there will...
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Flexible working isn’t a women’s issue, it’s a leadership issue

My challenge to all of you who manage people is to ask yourself how much flexible working is going on in your team and if not a lot, why not? As a leader, are you regularly asking your managers about rates of flexible working and how increasing those rates can drive improved performance? Our job...
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My advice to get ahead in your career | Kelly Edwards

Women have had to work hard to elbow their way into the legal profession. Where a few decades ago you’d be hard pushed to find any women in senior positions in firms or in the judiciary, as of last year the President of the Supreme Court is a woman. Take a quick scan of the...
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