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Surviving the first 90 days – how to not only make a good impression but shine like a diamond too

Article provided by life coach, Carole Ann Rice Congratulations – you secured the hot new job! Well done, you got through the grueling interview process and you’ve got the hangover to prove it.  You’ve made your parents proud, your friends envious and you’re both thrilled and terrified at the prospect of your new role. Finding...
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Promotion vs new job: what should you go for?

You’ve been in the same workplace for a while and you’re considering whether to push for promotion or find a new role elsewhere. Or maybe you’ve been successful in your job hunt, only to receive a surprise offer of a new title from your current manager. Having the choice between advancing within your organisation and...
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Never say these things in a job interview!

Even experienced professionals get nervous during interviews – if there’s a role that you’re keen to secure it’s natural to feel under pressure. When you feel apprehensive, keep calm and remember that this is your chance to make an impression. Most interviews are straightforward, as long as you’re prepared and steer clear of potential pitfalls....
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In the eyes of a recruiter: what does your social media profile say about you?

We’ve all seen the nightmare stories and the newspaper headlines about people who’ve been fired for posting something questionable on social media. Take for example the journalist Toby Young, who resigned from his new role at the Office of Students last year after critics picked up on comments he’d made on Twitter. With more and...
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Walking into a new job pregnant & the unexpected response from my employer

Article provided by Sophie Billi-Hardwick, XYZ Did you know that three-quarters of pregnant women and new mothers experience discrimination at work, with one in nine losing their jobs? This appeared in a government-backed report by the Equality and Human Rights Commission in 2016.  Once I’d got over this shocking revelation, it really dawned on me...
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New country, new job – a millennial’s take on returning to the world of work

When you think of a person re-entering the job market after a year or two’s break, you often assume that they’ve taken some time out to start a family or perhaps to care for a loved one. And, while that may still ring true, it’s not always the case. Hordes of millennials are choosing to...
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Five ways your social media channels can help you in your job hunt

Article provided by Nina Ricafort, Growth Marketing Manager at Jobbio Anyone currently looking for a job will tell you: it’s not easy and it might even feel like a full-time job being on the hunt. The competition is fierce and it’s increasingly hard to stand out. With companies turning to social media more and more...
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Ten things to avoid doing on your first day

You nailed your CV, charmed throughout the interview process and presented the greatest confidence in your previous experience. However, the panic is not over yet as there is one more hurdle to conquer; your first day. As office politics, a spell of imposture syndrome and questions you can’t answer loom, it is easy anxieties to...
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