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Why dyslexia isn’t a barrier to success

Article provided by Lynsey Whitmarsh, Director of Innovation at Hemsley Fraser Jo Malone, Whoopi Goldberg, Holly Willoughby – three incredibly successful, inspirational women in their own right. I relate to all three of them, and millions of others across the globe, in that we all have dyslexia. Having dyslexia doesn’t mean that I’m unable to...
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How to succeed at interviews

While being invited to interview is a mini victory in and of itself, cometh the hour, it can be a nerve-wracking experience. In a recent blog post I discussed what to expect when interviewing for the technology team here at FutureLearn. We recognise that interviews  aren’t easy and so have endeavoured to make our own...
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A three-point model of care for success in organisations

By Tracy Kite, author of Love to Lead (£14.99, PanomaPress) This may at first glance seem an odd topic for the business environment – what has care got to do with business? I believe it’s essential in creating successful organisations and I explain why here. My background is in healthcare, so it isn’t a huge...
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22/03/2018 – Stop Going Overboard!

Let go of perfection and overdoing things and go with YOUR good enough. When: 22/03/2018 – @ 09.30 – 16.30pm Where: SCOR – Asia House EC3M 7AA Lime Street (on the corner of Cullum Street/Lime Street) London Price: £60.00 (When Promotional Code: sparklezone60 is entered) A One-Day Event focussed on: Why perfectionism creeps in to our...
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There’s no straight path to success

We are taught at school that success is like following a well-lit, straight path through the woods. You get good grades, go to university and then pursue your dream career. If you fall off the path and get lost you might not be able to get back on. But I believe we often have to forge our own path to...
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Nearly half of Brits think background determines success

Nearly half of Brits think that background determines success, a new poll has revealed. The social mobility barometer found that 48 per cent of people believe that where you end up in society today is mainly determined by your background and who your parents are. The poll reveals the scale of Britain’s ‘us and them’...
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How to manage your time and increase your success

Lack of time seems to be a common complaint of 21st century life. The demands of both work and family life can sap our energy. Where’s the time to train for running that marathon? Or writing that novel? Whatever you aim to achieve in your work or personal life, time management is the key to...
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How to uncover tomorrow’s leaders for success

The majority of companies have programmes in place to develop employees to become tomorrow’s leaders, however if the organisations selection process is faulted, no amount of training will produce the leaders they are looking for. In this article, I suggest three questions that all leaders should ask themselves, if their current processes aren’t delivering as...
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