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Penny Mordaunt announces £600,000 to help vulnerable women to return to work when they are ready

Minister for Women and Equalities, Penny Mordaunt, announces £600,000 to help vulnerable women to return to work when they are ready. The fund is a new phase of the returners programme to help people who have been out of work to care for others. Organisations from across England will be able to bid for grants...
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Getting the best out of your commute

Article provided by Sara Yirrell, technology journalist and author of The Diary of an Angry Commuter After spending 17 years sharing a metal tube on rails each day, I have witnessed many an interesting moment in the hour plus journey it takes me to get to the big smoke… trains are frequented by a peculiar...
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Five ideas for showcasing your expertise when you are too shy to be shouty

I was recently at a networking event when one woman mentioned that her husband regularly wrote blog posts on LinkedIn to showcase his expertise. She shared that this was something she could never do due to nervousness. A lot of people feel like this. You know you’re doing great work but your don’t want to...
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Impressing is in your best interest | How to be taken seriously at work

Article provided by Laura Little, Learning and Development Manager, CABA A recent report from LinkedIn and the World Economic Forum examined the worldwide representation of women in leadership roles and found that women represent less than 50 per cent of the leaders in every industry reviewed. Trying to make a good impression when starting a...
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Over half of the UK is set to say ‘goodbye’ to their annual leave & ‘hello’ to burnout

Love Island has kicked off and the countdown to summer has officially began. As many scour Asos looking for the latest summer must haves, for many UK workforces the prospect of taking annual leave fills them with an overwhelming sense of dread. So much so, that according to Acas, half of UK employees do not...
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Six work mantras that work, whatever the role

I find a great way to ground myself is to think back on what I’ve learnt through my varied career. I’ve been in a range of roles in anything from small consultancies to multi-nationals. But I always come back to certain mantras that remain the same, wherever I am. Never lose sight of the customer...
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Three ways to make the most of National Conversations Week in the workplace

The latest technical advancements have meant its easier than ever to send a quick text, write an email or Google something, rather than taking the time to indulge in conversation with someone. Linking to this, National Conversation Week is taking place from 19th – 25th March and encourages us to make effort to have more...
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The four different personalities you will come across at work – and how to deal with them

Steve Wainwright, Managing Director EMEA, at Skillsoft In the world of work, it is likely that – at some point – you will come across a co-worker, manager or employee you do not see eye to eye with. For some of you, this may have already happened or be occurring right now.  The co-worker might...
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