Securing our future with a more diverse cybersecurity workforce

Cybersecurity has been fighting many of the same serious challenges for the past 20 years: malware infections, phishing attacks, identity theft, and more. When you think about the state of security, it’s safe to say, we haven’t solved all of the problems. I can’t help but wonder if we’re in this situation partially due to...
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How leadership in your organisation needs to change for a millennial workforce

The next time you are at work, have a little look around. Does it seem that your workplace is full of ‘bright young things’ who see the world a bit (a lot!) differently from you? That’s because your workplace is increasingly a place dominated by 20- and 30-somethings who may indeed see the world quite differently from...
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03/07/2018 – Digital DNA: Your online presence and career pathing | A WeAreTheCity Careers Club Event

WeAreTheCity would like to invite you to join them for an evening of learning and networking Careers Club & WeAreTheCity would like to invite you to join them for an evening of learning and networking: Digital DNA: Your online presence and career pathing with Anna Baird, Start Up Advisor, Former LinkedIn Global Client Executive Tuesday...
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How to provide a workplace that’s fit for a multi-generational workforce

In today’s modern workplace, having a wide variety of ages and experiences working within the same space is becoming increasingly common. With younger generations seeming to opt more and more for alternative routes into work (rather than the more traditional option of university) and those at the other end of the spectrum working past retirement...
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The strength in a neurodiverse workforce

Work is a key part of our identity. In a world that repeatedly declares that ‘we are what we do’, our work affects our confidence, our resources, our social support networks, in fact, our entire lives. Yet, for many people, the hunt for a job can seem like an impossible quest. For people with neurodiverse...
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Japanese firms fail to take up government’s cash offer to promote women into senior roles

Japanese businesses have failed to take up the government’s offer of cash incentive to promote women into management roles, after it was revealed that the 120 million Yen (£660,000) subsidy has remained untouched. In April 2014 the fund was earmarked to enable small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to apply for a 300,000 Yen (£1,600) payment...
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