The power of being consistently visible

Group of female entrepreneurs

Article by Lisa Johnson, Business Strategist

Every business owner, or aspiring business owner will have heard the phrase “People buy from people they know, like and trust.”

But nobody can know, like or trust you if they don’t realise you exist.

That’s why you need to consistently visible, which is a very different proposition to being “Seen.”

It does not take a genius to realise that there is a direct link between being visible and making more money.

However, what is often overlooked is that being more visible has many more benefits that accompany making more money.

Being visible creates impact. When you rise to the challenge of being visible for yourself, the ripple effect is that it encourages others to do the same in their own lives.

It grows confidence. I believe that being visible is like a muscle and as you continue, your confidence will grow.

It establishes expertise. Visibility elevates you from being a person with knowledge to an expert in your field.

It increases opportunities. Being visible allows you to stay well and truly lodged in your target audience’s mind, and helps your future clients remember you in their time of need.

What being visible doesn’t mean is that you have to be live on social media every day!

Let’s say you go live, you get a few people watching. Then what?

The fact is that most online business owners don’t make it to the stage of capitalising on the momentum they have created with all of their efforts to go live.

And going live is a TINY part of being visible.

You need to have a wider strategy, where every action you take is taken with intention, constantly and consistently building towards your larger goal.

Every online business owner, even those who appear to be the most confident, the most put together, the most fearless, has struggled with being visible.

It’s great to have the kick off point of knowing what to say. However, the only thing that is going to move you forward and become the best known name in your niche is having a multi-layered visibility strategy.

It all starts with this. You need to look closely at your ideal client, and build your strategy for them. Without the ideal client, you’re floundering.

Then you need to work on creating a mindset that will give you the confidence to be visible everywhere. So often, I speak to people just starting out in the online world and this is a huge stumbling block. Not only are they scared of taking the plunge and putting themselves out there, getting seen and heard, they are also scared of hearing what they sound like and not liking it!

This is just your vanity hijacking your common sense and your desire to succeed. Your ideal client will not be interested in the tone of your voice, or the accent you have, or the fact that you use certain words or phrases a lot. We all do this. We all have our little affectations and verbal habits, but they are what make us memorable.

As someone wise once said (actually I think it was Megan in Bridesmaids) “You’re your problem and you’re also your solution” so you need to lose this sense of vanity.

Being visible is, as you know by now, what success as an online entrepreneur is all about, and those little traits of yours will ensure that when you do get out there, you are not easily forgotten.

You need to be unapologetically you and you need to do it consistently!

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