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Susie Ma

Inspirational Woman: Susie Ma | Founder and CEO, Tropic Skincare

Susie was born in Shanghai, China in 1988, where she lived with her grandparents. From an early age she was strongly encouraged to use only natural ingredients by her grandmother, who for over 60 years studied homeopathic remedies alongside her career as a medicinal chemist. In their house, natural was always better, and it was...
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coffee shop, business owner, franchise featured

Top tips for women starting a business

If you are considering starting your own business but struggling to get your idea off the ground you are certainly not alone. Even the most motivated entrepreneurs find the early days a challenge and it’s no secret that more than half of new companies fail within the first 18 months. So whether it’s a lifelong...
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What kind of innovator are you?

It has been said that we are entering the decade of the female entrepreneur with one in ten women now wanting to start their own business. Yet, we all know that having an idea is often the easy part, in fact, those that are good at having new ideas can effortlessly generate thirty or forty...
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Working from home with small children featured

How to effectively manage your time as an entrepreneur and working mum

  Being an entrepreneur and a working mum are two full time jobs in themselves, so how can we better manage our time and succeed at both?! Ten years ago, I launched my wedding and event business, I am married with a seven-year-old son, and here are my top tips on effectively managing your time:...
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Being an entrepreneur | Jennifer Irvine

Jennifer Irvine is the Founder of gourmet diet company The Pure Package (delivering to Greater London and some Surrey/Bucks postcodes), diet delivery Balance Box (available nationwide) and creator of The Pure Package Wellness Awards. The company’s turnover is estimated at £2million. Jennifer’s inspiring achievements in business have led to a plethora of awards including, Harpers...
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Inspirational Woman: Aileen Gilani | Founder, The Luxury Student

Aileen Gilani is the founder of The Luxury Student. Aileen quit her law degree to set up start up, The Luxury Student following advice from her mentor, and hasn’t looked back! The Luxury Student is a private members club and concierge for students, which was born from Founder Aileen’s love of luxury brands and experiences...
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Inspirational Woman: Bianca Miller-Cole | Founder & Managing Director of ‘The Be Group’ | Finalist of BBC The Apprentice 2014 | Win a free copy of her new book

Having completed a business management and economics degree, I started my graduate career as a HR advisor at Accenture to a 350 strong graduate community. I started as a temp with no confirmation that a permanent position would be available but been naturally hard working I got stuck in and became an integral part of...
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male and female stereotypes featured

Being branded with gender stereotypes? Top tips for making your way as a female entrepreneur

The business world, and its treatment of women, has changed a lot over the past fifty years or so, but even in the 21st century, female businesspeople and entrepreneurs find themselves on the receiving end of narrow-minded attitudes and stereotypes. During periods of difficulty, this adversity can be particularly demoralising, and being in business is...
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