The three things all business owners need to know about Instagram in 2022

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Estelle KeeberIn this piece, Estelle Keeber, Founder of Immortal Monkey and one of the UK’s leading Instagram Experts, tells us the three things that all business owners need to know about Instagram in 2022.

Featured on ITV news, Daily Telegraph and Forbes, Estelle has built a global following and turned over more than a million pounds in the first 2 years of her previous company launching. Her fun personality and passion for teaching Instagram is evident from the moment she steps in the room whether that be in person or virtually. Her interactive style makes her stand out in the niche along with her easy to relate to personal stories.

You can catch Estelle at our One Tech World conference on 01 April 2022. The conference is back once again to give you the very best global virtual learning experience on a state-of-the-art conferencing platform. We have also been blessed to be given time from some of the world’s finest speakers, including Estelle, who will be discussing what’s next for Instagram. Find out more and book your place here.

Video is key…and will earn you ££££s

Video is going to be huge on Instagram in 2022 and there is no getting around the fact. Whether its lives, pre recorded or reels, Instagram want your video content and will be sharing more content of this format to its audience in 2022.

So how can you make money from your videos without spending hours creating and editing?

Instagram Reels can be super quick and easy to create and if you already have a community you know your audience are there waiting…and if you don’t…that’s cool to. Instagram will be sharing more video content than anything else this year so reels really is the best way to be increasing your reach even with a small following.

Creating reels can increase your chances of being discovered and seen by a bigger audience and can even land you on the explore page! Reels are great to create more brand awareness. Reels can be used just like any other content format to direct people to sign up, make a purchase and many other call to actions that your business may use. They can also increase your engagement more than a regular feed post.

The Instagram Reels Play program gives creators the chance to earn money from creating reels, these bonuses can vary and it’s all dependent on how may views a reel gets.

To be able to apply and have access to this program you must have a business or creator account and then you can share your reels to both Instagram and Facebook. To earn money reels, need to get a minimum of 1000 views over a 30 day period. Once you have rolled onto the program you are able to start earning money by selecting the reels that you want to count towards your bonus during the 30 day period.

 This program is only available in the US right now but will hopefully be rolled out globally soon.

 The better your reels perform the more money you can earn. The program will allow you to keep track of your progress in the app.

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Community is crucial

Forget about followers and like counts…how engaged are your audience? Instagram really want their creators to be focusing on creating community inside the app in 2022 and will be sharing lots of new updates that will help you to do this.

The most important thing to remember when building community is to listen to your followers…provide them with content that will keep them coming back for more. So how do you know what they love? You ask and check your metrics!

When running a business, the last thing you want to be doing is wasting time creating content your followers just don’t resonate with, so rather than waste your time and guess…why not use your stories and polls to ask them? Simple questions like …do you prefer LIVE or posts? Would you like to see more content on this or that? It’s easy, quick and will provide you with exactly what you need.

Next there’s insights. Without going to techy, you can check whats working for you by looking at your likes and comments…that’s it. Posts with the most like and comments were what your followers want to see. Note it down and create more of that style of content.

So why is community so important? Well we all know that feeling of belonging, feeling like we are understood…that is the power of community. In building a community on Instagram you are showing people that you can be trusted, you are an expert in your field, you have experience and other people agree.

It’s the perfect formula to help increase your sales. Knowledge + Trust + Social proof = Perfect foundations for community who will invest in you and your products.

Instagram recently began testing paid subscriptions with a few content creators and influencers in the US, allowing them to charge their followers a monthly fee in exchange for exclusive content, live videos, stories, and a purple badge next to their username to show they are subscribed when they interact with the creator.

Another brilliant way to create an income via Instagram…however community is required!

Stay up to date

Instagram want you to be reaching as many people as possible and creating the most engaging content you can, and this is why they introduce so many new updates. The best way to stay ahead of the game in 2022 is to stay up to date…and it’s going to be a rollercoaster ride for sure. With more than 100 updates in 2021…we have so much to look forward to when it comes to making money on Instagram in 2022.

Top feature predictions for 2022…. Subscriptions will be huge, potential for residual income via reels AND even more ways to interact such as AR filters for shops and creators.

If you would like to learn more about how YOU can use Instagram to help you grow your business, visibility and sales then check out the Immortal Monkey Members area…tonnes of Instagram training, resources and exclusive interviews with business owners who are already smashing it on Instagram. We have a TV chef, Travel guru and Celebrity hairdresser to give you a sneak peek…you may also see a guest appearance from the one and only WATC Founder Vanessa Vallely too! Watch this space. Membership is £15 per month, no contract.

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