What to consider when applying for a remote position in digital marketing

Remote working has become the goal for many employees.

It offers flexibility, a chance to work at home, and the opportunity to connect and work with incredible organisations from all over the world. Thanks to remote working, you are no longer restricted to finding a job within a commutable distance. Remote working lets you widen your search and find the perfect remote marketing job for you. 

However, whether you are new to remote work or you have been working remotely for some time, there are numerous factors to consider. In this article we will be sharing a few of these considerations in the hope you will find a remote position that is just right for you. 

1. Make an impact with your very own website

Creating your own website is a great way to set yourself apart from other candidates. Building a website allows you to showcase your digital marketing skills. You can create compelling content, share your portfolio, and build a name for yourself through guest posting and connecting with journalists for link building opportunities. 

Maxine Bremner, Head of Content and Outreach at Hive19, states, “Candidates that have taken the time to create their own online presence really set the standard for us. If you have your own website and, better yet, a continuous flow of organic traffic to your website, that’s a strong indicator that you’re passionate and invested in our line of work. We love hiring candidates who take the initiative and are able to showcase the kind of skills they can bring to the table to benefit our agency.” 

You don’t need to overthink this, you just need to get started. Even if it’s just a place to showcase your skills and share your portfolio, having a website will set you apart from the competition for all the right reasons. 

2. Consider tailoring your CV 

If you have been submitting the same CV for in-house positions as for remote positions, it is not surprising that you’re not hearing anything back. When hiring people for remote positions, digital marketing agencies are looking for additional skills, such as motivation, drive, a keen desire to learn, and (perhaps most importantly) a hard work ethic that will not be deterred when working alone. 

According to Indeed, “the ability to work remotely is a unique skill that many employers seek in an employee if they have work-from-home positions available. Just as with any job that highlights your skills and qualifications, your remote job resume needs to reflect your ability to work from home.”  

Take another look at your CV and tailor your work experience to suit a remote digital marketing role. This will provide an opportunity for you to highlight key skills, experience, and achievements that will recommend you for a remote position. If you are unsure what to include, read through the job advertisement again and speak about the skills they are specifically looking for. 

3. Ensure you have the tools available 

If you are considering applying for a remote digital marketing role, it is imperative you have the right tools for the job. For one thing, you will need a fast WiFi connection. Fast WiFi is essential for digital marketers, remote or otherwise, as it allows for the convenience of video calls, the emailing of hefty files, and the ability to use the required marketing tools.  

You should also consider investing in a pair of noise-cancelling headphones as working remotely can be noisy – whether your neighbour mows their lawn in the middle of the day, your kids are home from school, or you’ve retreated to a busy cafe. A high-quality webcam or inbuilt computer camera will also be essential for team meetings and remote collaboration, not to mention the interview itself! So, take some time to consider the tools you will need so that you are as prepared as you can be. 

4. Consider your ability to work alone 

Since remote working became a necessity for many during the pandemic, a huge number of employees discovered that remote working was far more challenging than they had initially thought. In fact, many people reported that they struggled with isolation and lack of contact with others. 

According to Insight, “despite the increased appetite in the UK for remote working practices to continue into the future, the disconnection from the day-to-day social interactions of the workplace and the encroachment of work on our home lives has seen feelings of loneliness and isolation take hold.” 

This is something worth taking into consideration. While you will have plenty of contact with your team members, managers, and mentors, the main question you need to ask yourself is whether you would be happy to work in isolation. So, definitely take the time to consider whether remote work is something that would suit you before you begin the application process. 

5. Upskill to stay competitive 

Whether you desire to become a PPC Manager, a Senior Copywriter, a Website Developer, or a Graphic Designer (to name a few sought after positions in digital marketing), upskilling is essential. Competition for jobs is fierce and you want your application to be as stand-out as possible. 

Therefore, if there are specific skills you need, now is the perfect time to upskill. Digital marketers love interviewing candidates who are self-motivated and driven. If you prepare for the role in advance by upskilling, you will show great initiative and will seriously impress your potential employer. What’s more, upskilling will ensure you’re ready to hit the ground running. 

6. Consider what you want 

One thing that many people don’t take into consideration when looking for remote digital marketing jobs is what they want. Too often the process becomes all about fitting the employer’s requirements when you need to consider what you are looking for.

Having a clear idea of what you want allows you to ask the right questions during your interview process and helps you discover whether an organisation is the right fit for you. A few things to consider include: 

  • How long a digital marketing agency has been working remotely. 
  • What kind of organisational structures and systems are in place to increase efficiency and staff productivity.
  • Does the organisation prioritise team connections? Are they proactive when it comes to team meetings, collaborative working, and helping everyone feel a part of the team?
  • Will it be a company where you can have a meaningful impact? 
  • Can you further your professional development through training and promotional opportunities? 

Asking these questions and taking the time to consider what you are looking for in a remote digital marketing agency is a great way to end up in a job that you love

Final words 

Digital marketing is an extremely competitive industry and remote work has only increased its competitiveness. We hope the advice in this article will help prepare you for the application process so that you can approach it with confidence and let your experience, skills, and character stand out for all the right reasons. 

About the author

Gemma Williams is an independent HR professional working remotely from as many coffee shops as she can find. Gemma has gained experience in several HR roles but now turns her focus towards growing her personal brand and connecting with leading experts in career development and employee engagement. Connect with her on Twitter: @GemmaWilliamsHR

Gemma Williams

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