World Wellbeing Week 2024 is here! This annual event is all about celebrating wellbeing in all its forms.

From physical and mental health to emotional and social wellbeing, it’s a week dedicated to promoting a healthier and happier world.

When is it?

This year, World Wellbeing Week runs from 24 June to 30 June. Mark your calendars! It’s a perfect time to focus on what makes us feel good and how we can spread that positivity to others.

Why does it matter?

Wellbeing is essential. It’s more than just feeling okay. It’s about thriving in every aspect of our lives. Good wellbeing can lead to better health, increased productivity, and a happier life. World WellBeing Week is a reminder to take stock of our lives and improve where possible.

How can you get involved?

There are many ways to join in on the celebrations:

  • Participate in local events: Check out community centres, gyms and wellness studios. They often host special events and classes.
  • Promote wellbeing at work: Encourage your workplace to participate. Organise wellbeing activities like yoga sessions, mindfulness workshops or even just a healthy office lunch.
  • Connect with others: Use social media to share your wellbeing journey. Inspire others with your stories and tips.
  • Take time for yourself: Sometimes, the best way to celebrate is to focus on your wellbeing. Take a break, meditate, read a book or enjoy a walk in nature.

What activities can you do?

There are countless activities to boost your wellbeing:

  • Exercise: Physical activity is great for both body and mind. Try a new sport or join a fitness class.
  • Mindfulness: Practice mindfulness or meditation. These techniques can reduce stress and improve focus.
  • Healthy eating: Explore nutritious recipes and try cooking something new.
  • Social connection: Spend time with loved ones. Positive relationships are key to wellbeing.
  • Learning: Take up a new hobby or learn a new skill. Keeping your mind active is crucial for mental health.

Spread the word

Help raise awareness about World Wellbeing Week. Talk about it with friends and family. Share information on social media. The more people know about it, the bigger the impact we can make.


World Wellbeing Week is a fantastic opportunity to prioritise your health and happiness. Let’s make 2024 the year we all take steps towards better wellbeing. Whether you’re joining events, spreading awareness or focusing on personal growth, every effort counts.

Let’s celebrate wellbeing together!

For more information and resources, visit the official World Wellbeing Week website.

For more health tips, insights and inspiration, don’t forget to explore our dedicated health and wellbeing section here.

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