Kira Mahal wellness featured

Why I want to transform wellness in the workplace

Article provided by Kira Mahal, PT & CEO of MotivatePT After five years working in The City, it became very apparent to me that very few people in London have time to work the long hours expected of them, maintain a social life and find time for fitness. Sure, there’s no shortage of wellness programs...
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movement mindset exercise featured

Does exercise make you more productive?

Written by Conor McArdle, Brighter Business In a health-conscious society, we are increasingly aware of our lifestyles and the importance of trying to stay healthy. For many workers across the UK, day-to-day work involves spending a great deal of time sat down. Whether you’re in the office or on your way in, chances are you’re...
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Be proactive, not reactive | How women can work with their employer to get better mental health support

By Liz Walker, HR Director, Unum UK Mental health problems affect both men and women but not always in equal measure. In fact, Unum UK’s claims experience suggests younger women are more likely to claim sickness absence from work for mental health reasons than male counterparts. Without the correct support, working conditions and environment, mental...
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Cervical Cancer Awareness Ribbon

10 things you’ve always wanted to ask your gynaecologist about cervical cancer

Guest blogger and consultant gynaecologist, Mr Jullien Brady answers your questions on cervical screening… 1. What does your cervix actually do? Your cervix is the junction between your vagina and your womb. The average cervix is around 4cm in length and 1.5cm in width, but this can vary widely from woman to woman. During pregnancy,...
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7 top tips for working and breastfeeding

Juggling work, household chores and breastfeeding is not easy. Whilst it may seem more convenient to bottle feed, there’s no denying the health benefits your baby will receive from breast feeding during this crucial stage of their lives. Here are 7 top tips to do it all and still breastfeed your baby: 1) Try the...
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menopause woman

Employers can profit from menopause

The Pharmaceutical Industry must be rubbing their hands together in glee counting the number of media column inches and air time recently being devoted to menopause. Not too surprising, for every positive mention, or endorsement of one of their products, sales increase significantly swelling their profits.  What is less certain, and probably doubtful, is whether...
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Inspirational Woman: Pooja Raichura | Clinical Pharmacist, Echo

Pooja Raichura is a Clinical Pharmacist for Echo. Echo was founded just over three years ago and already has 100,000 patient downloads so far and a Net Promotor Score of 83. Echo is on the NHS Digital app store, one of the approved digital tools available to patients, and is an NHS GP Systems of...
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The future looks great for women in health tech – but we all have to do our bit

This blog is written to support the ‘Women Entrepreneurs in Health Tech’ category, part of Year 4 of the AXA Health Tech & You Awards While half the world’s population is female, and most health decisions are carried out by women, only nine per cent of health tech businesses are founded by women, just nine...
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