How to thrive and adapt as an entrepreneur

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Thriving as a business is not an easy task, particularly when you’re faced with all the challenges that 2020 brings with it.

However, one of the most important things that I’ve learnt is the need to remain agile and adaptable – and willing to confront any challenge head on.

Here are my top pieces of advice for anyone struggling:

  • Remain optimistic, but realistic

Don’t set yourself goals too high. When I first started my business I wanted to reach for the stars but I knew that, with a new family and limited finances, I had to take it easy and set goals that were realistically achievable. That way, when you hit those goals – in my case, hitting 100 members of The Hub, it felt brilliant and I had the confidence to go on and work even harder.

  • Know your market

It’s so important to know who your core audience is and build your product around what they want. For me, my target audience is working mums with small children who struggle to fit in a work out amidst their busy careers and family-lives. That’s why I made the work-outs four times a week at 6.30am – before their lives are dominated by kids and work! And members can easily log in whenever they want too, to suit them. Thanks to the ease of technology – particularly Facebook and Instagram, I’ve been easily able to adapt timings to suit them.

  • Build relationships

Relationship building is key in business. And I’m not just talking about with key influencers and others in your field, but with your clients who can hopefully tell their friends and family how brilliant you are – helping you to gain clients via word of mouth, very organically.

  • Be inspired

There are so many incredible entrepreneurs out there that have written books or post on social media – giving free advice each day. Let yourself be open to their expertise. My favourites are Shaun T (@shaunt), the American fitness entrepreneurs and Sarah Akwisombe (@sarahakwisombe) but there are so many to inspire you.

  • Be ready to adapt whenever you can

Many readers will be one-woman-bands and that makes it a lot easier to adapt – however, as you get bigger, it’s important to remain agile and open-minded. I made a good few mistakes when I started but I changed my product offering and the response was brilliant.

  • Make the most of free marketing solutions

There are so many free marketing tools out there that can help your business get off the ground – Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn – do you research into how you can capitalise from them. You don’t need to spend a fortune on advertising or PR when you first start – try to do as much as you can to start with, while you have the time.

  • Don’t be afraid to fail

Failure is going to happen – you need to accept that things aren’t always going to be perfect along the way. However, only by failing can you learn. So long as you remember what went wrong and act on that you can make your business bigger and better. It’s always better to try new things and fail than never to have tried at all.

  • Be positive

A huge part of The Hub is about keeping a healthy and happy mindset and it’s through the magic of exercise that I help so many women like me. Make time for yourself and don’t let the world get you down, though I know that has been incredibly hard over the past few months. Find beauty is the small things, chat to friends and family and – exercise when you can! You honestly will feel so much better making that time for yourself and getting the endorphins flowing.

  • Use your intuition

I am very intuitive in my business and if something doesn’t feel right, I won’t do it. Every person will have that niggling feeling when something doesn’t feel 100% right for them so listen to your gut.

Jemma ThomasAbout the author

Jemma Thomas is a Personal Trainer and Founder of Jemma’s Health Hub – an online fitness community – Membership costs £29 each month and for that you receive four work-outs a week, recipe ideas and an amazing support network of other women and an instructor who will be there for you, helping you feel supported and mentally stronger as time goes on.



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