How to use social media to generate job opportunities

Social mediaThere are a few things we all have in common when job searching — writing cover letters, scrolling through Glassdoor for employee reviews and scanning the ‘About Us’ sections on company websites before sending off an application with the hope of scoring an interview.

But the next time you find yourself on the hunt for a job, it’s worth keeping in mind there’s one last (or in some cases, it’s the first) step recruiters and clients are increasingly using to scout their perfect new hire: Social media.

That place you thought was home to selfies, sunsets, brunches and boomerangs? It may also be the stepping stone to your dream role or next 4-figure client. In fact, according to recent studies, around 94% of recruiters use social media to hire — and it’s not just LinkedIn either.

So, the next time you’re eyeing a new role or on searching for a new start, give yourself a head-start by following the below five top tips. You never know who you might impress in the process…

Declutter your public profiles

Give your feeds a good scrub and remove anything you wouldn’t like affiliated with your personal brand (we all have a personal brand for as long as our feeds are public, FYI). This includes controversial opinions which sound a little too off and pictures which don’t best represent you and your values. If there are any accounts, mainly Instagram or Facebook, which you feel contains personal information you wish to keep amongst your own smaller network only, toggle your profiles to ‘private’ to avoid any strangers eyeballing it.

Share your relevant opinions and personality on Twitter

Cleaning up your feeds doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to show your out-of-work character, ‘fun side’ or personality. Recruiters or potential clients would rather hire someone who made their work day enjoyable! Twitter is a great place to share your opinions and to join in on the big debates within your niche. You’ll find plenty of professionals at top companies or creatives looking to commission freelancers here if you dig deep enough. Stay consistent with following those who discuss the same topics you have thoughts on and drop your two cents when it feels right. Plus, even if the potential hiring manager isn’t on Twitter, a quick Google search of your name* will lead them to your feed; give them something to enjoy and discuss when they do come around to speaking with you.

*Ensure your public social feeds are set up with your real name.

Follow and engage with others in your niche on LinkedIn

Most senior managers and directors are found on LinkedIn, and a good percent of those employees often share company updates, recent project announcements, successes and their general thoughts on anything work or business-related. It’s also the first place they’re likely to mention there’s a new job up for grabs, even before it’s on the company’s website.

Don’t be afraid to send an invite. It used to be taboo to send a connection request to people you don’t know, but if said person looks pretty active and has 500+ connections, it’s safe for you to connect too. Just don’t bombard them with notifications.

Keep tabs on ideal clients/companies on Instagram

You’ll be better placed during the interview process if you know exactly what the company does and how it works. Instagram is a great place because it gives you those ‘BTS’ moments and shares stories about the company you otherwise wouldn’t have found elsewhere. If you’re planning to pitch for potential client work, get a feel for the personality and become familiar with the style of the person/brand you’re pitching to and ensure your initial email aligns with it.

Write blog posts on Medium about your niche and cross-share to other platforms

Anyone and everyone can be a thought leader, thanks to Medium which makes it far easier to publish your own articles or have them published by leading publications found inside Medium. By writing on topics relating to your niche, you’re proving to potential hiring managers or clients you are well versed in your specialised area and know a thing or two about being successful within it too — so why wouldn’t they want to reach out? Once the article is live, give it a nudge in views by sharing it across your other public profiles. More views increase the chance of more shares… and more shares increases the chance of it landing at the right person.

Unsah MalikAbout the author

Unsah Malik is a leading social media and influence expert. She is the Author No.1 social media ebook Slashed It – keep up to date with her on socials @unsahmalik

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