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How to give your LinkedIn profile the X factor

Did you know that LinkedIn is currently the number one space to grow your personal brand faster than anywhere else online?  With over 610+ million professionals currently on the platform this is a fantastic opportunity not to be sniffed at. Success on LinkedIn lies in your ability to build trusting and meaningful relationships with your...
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Thinking on your feet

Most business professionals have either heard of or perhaps even used the phrase ‘let’s walk and talk’. While this has been consigned by many to the cupboard marked ‘Americanisms’ alongside phrases such as ‘Let’s run that idea up the flagpole’, new evidence has recently emerged that suggests that walking and talking may actually have significant...
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23/01/19: LinkedIn Clinic | The Merit Club

We are so excited to invite you to our talk series hosted during our bi-weekly Coworking Days, where we invite experts to do a lunchtime talk or workshop tackling various areas of business, career & lifestyle. These events aim to give you tips to help with your work concerns and issues you may face as...
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03/07/2018 – Digital DNA: Your online presence and career pathing | A WeAreTheCity Careers Club Event

WeAreTheCity would like to invite you to join them for an evening of learning and networking Careers Club & WeAreTheCity would like to invite you to join them for an evening of learning and networking: Digital DNA: Your online presence and career pathing with Anna Baird, Start Up Advisor, Former LinkedIn Global Client Executive Tuesday...
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How to become a LinkedIn power user

Did you know that over 70% of employers use LinkedIn as a part of their recruitment process? So if you are planning to give your career a boost and find a better job, or climb to the next rung on your professional ladder, the key to finding your dream position could be your LinkedIn profile....
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LinkedIn Job Searching Mistakes to be Avoided

LinkedIn Job Searching Mistakes to Avoid LinkedIn is a great tool that can aid your job search and help you reach your target employer. It’s great for networking and has a strong jobs section where you can apply directly for jobs and where you can find out more about various different companies. It is becoming...
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LinkedIn releases list of the most desirable companies to work for

LinkedIn has released its first list of the most desirable companies to work for, across the UK. John Lewis hit the top spot within the UK, with Virgin Media, Harrods and Google coming in behind. Globally, Apple came top followed by Salesforce, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Uber, Unilever, Coca-Cola and Johnson & Johnson, all making...
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Online Personal Brand Reputation

Three things you need to do to create a compelling personal brand

In today’s increasingly competitive job market you need to work harder than ever to be noticed. With such a high number of applications received for many jobs, companies sort through them with ruthless efficiency but having a good personal brand can make you stand out. Most people have digital footprints and recruiters are increasingly turning...
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