INvolve unveil their 2019 EMpower Ethnic Minority Role Model Lists

Ethnic Minority Role Model Lists 2019

INvolve has unveiled their 2019 EMpower Ethnic Minority Role Model Lists, celebrating ethnic minority business leaders.

Ajay Banga, CEO, MasterCard; Farah Siddiqui, Business Operations Manager, Salesforce; and Nick Owen, Chairman, Deloitte have all been recognised within this year’s lists.

Supported by Yahoo Finance, the EMpower Ethnic Minority Role Model Lists celebrates business leaders breaking down barriers at work and those using their position to keep diversity and inclusion at the top of the business agenda.

Banga topped the EMpower 100 Ethnic Minority Executives List in recognition of his work creating equal opportunities across all strands of diversity within the organisation, whilst also working hard to encourage fellow leaders from across the globe to follow suit.

Siddiqui has been named number one on the EMpower 50 Ethnic Minority Future Leaders List, which celebrates the world’s next generation of business leaders. Farah is Founder and Global President of Salesforce’s multifaith business group, Faithforce and is also being celebrated for her work with the Muslim Women’s Association in Chicago.

Owen has been awarded the top place in this year’s EMpower Advocates List. This list celebrates white leaders who have used their influence to drive diversity and inclusion in all forms. Nick is being celebrated this year in recognition of the fundamental work he’s done at Deloitte to create equal opportunities for ethnic minorities, including signing INvolve’s commitment to work towards ethnicity pay gap reporting.

The lists are launching at a time when disparity between ethnic minorities and their white colleagues is increasing, particularly with regards to pay and opportunities. To kick start change, INvolve is currently calling for the government to make ethnic minority pay gap reporting mandatory for businesses with 250 or more staff. Fifteen companies, including Deloitte, Sodexo, WPP, and Bank of England have signed a commitment to work towards reporting their ethnicity pay gap and influence others to do so ahead of any government mandate to report.

Speaking about the lists, Suki Sandhu OBE, INvolve Founder & CEO, said, “Whilst we wait for more formal mandates to ensure equality, role models who have successfully broken down barriers continue to act as inspirations for future generations whilst being agents of change.”

“This is why we believe it’s important to continue showcasing our Role Model Lists, especially while we have research showing there aremore CEOs called Steve than ethnic minority CEOs.”

You can view the full lists here.

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