VIDEO: Wellbeing: How to unapologetically love yourself | Katie Phillips

WeAreVirtual, Katie Phillips

In this session Katie will inspire you to love yourself unapologetically and become your most Daring & Mighty self!

If you are ready to make the decision to become the best version of you and would like to be shown how to begin that journey and never look back, Katie will shine a light on what Self-Love really means.

Katie will share her personal journey of awakening, healing and empowerment to inspire you to what is possible in your own life.

She will also share some practical exercises to help you to heal and move into self-love and living a life that you love. Expect to be inspired, challenged and transformed by this event.


Katie PhillipsAbout Katie

Katie founded ‘The School of Self Love’. She is an author, presenter, inspirational speaker and therapeutic master coach.
Katie is passionate about helping women to live a more Daring & Mighty Life! She champions and supports women who have a mission by guiding them to their unique way of empowered leadership. She believes the empowered woman will change the world and her work is her contribution to healing our planet.

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