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Four ways to ramp up your career and ‘own’ it

By Victoria McLean, Founder & CEO of City CV, award-winning international career consultancy. Follow Victoria and City CV on Twitter. For any ambitious woman with an eye on leadership, or even those already on the managerial ladder, the headlines of late have been less than cheering. The odds are still stacked against women being successful...
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That interview – why you’re going to win

By Bernardo Moya Cracking that interview so you really shine and show why you’re the right person for the job can be easy. You just need to settle your nerves, boost your confidence, build instant rapport and make a lasting (positive!) impression. Here’s how: Settle Your Nerves Your number one technique for settling your nerves...
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My menopause vs. my career

The current retirement age for a woman in the UK is 65, with the government planning to increase it to 67 over the next ten years. This means that a woman might spend as much as 15 menopausal years in the office, with a further 10 peri-menopausal years before that! Bearing in mind that this...
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Eight ways to stay motivated in your career all year round

According to a YouGov survey, priorities for 2019 included travel, getting a promotion or pay rise, followed by the resolution to improve mental health. This also includes people looking to eat better, exercise more, care for themselves better, learn new skills and get a new job. However, a survey conducted by Investors People had found...
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Worldpay Refresh Programme

Have you or someone you know been out of work due to family commitments for two years or more? Are you or they thinking about going back to work but not sure where to start? If you answered yes to either question then our return to work programme called ‘Refresh’ could be of interest. At...
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Catapult to career success | How the Oxford MSc in Major Programme Management Scholarships for Women can help take your career to the next level

Ann McCall, an alumna of the Oxford MSc in Major Programme Management 2015-17 class at Saïd Business School reflects on how major programme managers can help equip themselves to progress their careers and how the School’s scholarships for women can support this. Ann has a wealth of knowledge in the field of radioactive waste management, with...
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Five ways online learning can help advance your career

Article provided by Stephen Somerville, Managing Director, Government and Employer Partnerships, FutureLearn Thinking of a career change this year? Online learning can help you secure that promotion or step into a new career to help you achieve your professional goals. Below we outline some of the big reasons to get stuck into an online course:...
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No clichés here! These are the top five words to include on your CV this year

Ah, the CV. Talked about as you reach school leaving age, the magnitude of it doesn’t really impact you until you are facing your first day of job hunting, aiming to secure the job that will challenge, motivate and enrich you. The CV is undoubtedly the hardest part of any job hunt. Get it right,...
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