Insipiring Women

02/05/2018 – Inspiring Women to go up the Leadership ranks with Women in AV

Date/Time: 02/05/2018 @ 16:00 – 19:00 Location: Polycom Executive Experience Centre [London], 69 Old Broad Street, Floor 16, London, EC2M 1QS Join Women in AV on Wednesday 2 May to enjoy an evening designed to inspire you, plus as always a perfect opportunity to catch up with your industry colleagues, and of course meet new faces across AV and tech...
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Networking - Twitter Chat

We can all be the architects of our own networks

My father always told me that the best deals are done in Rugby boxes, pubs or on the 19th hole, and that networking is one of the most powerful tools for business success. But as new private members clubs spring up around London and social media platforms are creating webs of support for people whose...
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14/04/2017 & 15/04/2018 – Cosmopolitan Self-Made Summit 2018

Looking for a career shake-up? Want to start a business? Cosmopolitan’s Self-Made Summit is back! Date: 14/04/2018 & 15/04/2018 Time: 9.15am – 17.30pm Location: etc.venues, Belvedere Rd, South Bank, London SE1 Price: Saturday/Sunday: £78.75 each Both days: £126.00 (Enter the promotional code: WATC_SelfMade and get 20% off) Whether you’re returning for your second year, or new to the fold,...
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NESS - Network for Essex Office Support Staff

How to avoid networking nightmares

There are a lot of us who dread networking situations because we struggle to speak with strangers, and end up in a vicious cycle of anxiety about how we’ll come across. But breaking unhelpful habits is key to easing the discomfort of networking. Presentation coach and nonverbal communication expert Simon de Cintra, author of Unlock...
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Making the most of networking

There are countless benefits to networking in business and in personal life. Learning from your peers is one of the most inspiring and successful ways to gain new skills and meet new people. Whether you want to build your contact base and develop new skills or totally start afresh and dive into a field you’re...
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colleagues connecting with each other featured

How to positively interact with colleagues

Working well with others is not only an important quality to put on your CV – it’s also demonstrably important for both your work team and yourself. Yet many people see it as a stumbling block in the way of efficacy and achieving personal goals. Here are some tips to increase positivity in your workplace...
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Third of employees regularly miss social events due to work, study reveals

New research has revealed that over one third of UK employees miss out on at least 26 social events every year. CABA has revealed that British employees miss out on roughly 26 weddings, birthdays, date nights and gym classes every year due to work. The data highlights concerns that a ‘work-life’ balance is near impossible...
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Key networking tips for women looking to make it big in the business world

Networking can be quite difficult for anyone, but it can be especially difficult for women. The business world is still largely catered toward men and even though we women have proven to be exceptional at business, investing wisely and seeking out the best small business loan rates around, we still have to work much harder...
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