Understanding the route of stress is key to improving stress & developing at work

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Article provided by Ailsa Frank, British hypnotherapist; motivational keynote speaker and author of the book Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing published by Hay House

Employees are often dealing with personal issues at home which can make them more stressed in the work place e.g. divorce, a bad relationship, family concerns, money worries or drinking too much alcohol.

But equally work pressures can also cause them to feel more stressed at home too which can create;

  • Lack of sleep – due to personal problems, worrying about deadlines, work presentations, being good enough or losing their job
  • Increased alcohol consumption – alcohol is drunk regularly to help people switch off from work and family pressures or loneliness, but the alcohol then makes them more sluggish causing more stress which becomes a vicious cycle.
  • Anxiety – can be caused by personal issues and an overload of work or a fear of not getting everything done
  • Physical strain – tiredness, aches and pains due to work stress and poor nutrition

A few simple techniques can be incorporated into the working day to help avoid a build up of stress

Tips to relieve stress at work

  • Every hour take a big deep breath in and hold this for three seconds, then blow out and exhale for a count of five seconds repeat three times.
  • Visualise all the tasks that need to be done already completed. This will create a positive film in your mind helping you to perform better and worry less.

Tips to relieve stress at home

  • Write down the hotspots of stress in your week, then try to change your routines to alleviate the problems from reoccurring next week. By identifying what is happening you can then look for solutions to help, including talking to family members and explaining how you feel about the issues which cause you stress
  • Create self care routines such as have a bath or shower after work to relax and watch a favourite film with a cosy blanket and a herbal tea
  • Plan food in advance so you have a hearty meal to go home to and a decent lunch to take to work each day

Employers can be more mindful of their staffs challenges and implement changes that will create a less stressful work environment;

  • Create flexible working hours where possible
  • Allow employees to work from home on certain days
  • Encourage 15 minute breaks in a chill out relaxation area
  • Make it compulsory to take a lunch break

Ailsa FrankAbout the author

I am a British hypnotherapist; motivational keynote speaker and author of the book Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing published by Hay House. Through my talks, workshopsone-to-one phone hypnotherapy sessions and my wide range of hypnosis downloads I’ve helped thousands of people, from all walks of life, to improve their lives around the world, including CEO’s, Actors and Singers.

I work with an array of topics including alcohol reduction, stress, relationships, weight issues, anxiety, heartbreak, exam pressure, depression, confidence and business success. I am well known for my alcohol reduction system which I developed to help people take back control of their drinking.

My goal and my purpose are to keep people including children and teens on the ‘amazing path’ in life, and if they have fallen off because of life issues, I help lift them to get them back on track. I am compassionate, yet I have a no-nonsense approach, to move people on quickly by getting to the root of the problem and then by breaking the bad habits and building new positive ones.

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