Joanna Gaudoin
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Five top tips to focus on to get a new role

There is no doubt that the thought of looking for a new role fills many people with dread. There’s the work to do on your CV, your LinkedIn profile to work on (or even to create…), the recruiters to deal with and of course the challenge of attending interviews around your existing role. It often...
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Exposure & strategic relationships are essential to progress your career | Tips to get started

How much time do you dedicate to gaining internal exposure in your organisation? Have you ever considered how vital it is to your career progression? In the last few weeks, I have heard of yet more examples of people missing out because of ‘a lack of exposure’ or a perceived absence of relationships with senior people. Yet...
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Think about your chair!

Do you consider where to sit in a meeting? How people are seated in relation to the room and one another really sets the tone for any meeting, whether two people or a group. In some scenarios, there is no choice. For instance, in an interview, you are often invited to take a specific seat,...
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Does it matter if you avoid presenting?

How much do you present in your job? In most professional jobs, you probably ‘present’ in one form or another fairly regularly. That might be in the form of updating your boss, making a case in a meeting or explaining a project plan. Ultimately, they are all forms of presenting information to others, to produce...
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7 top tips to get you speaking up in meetings

Most of us sit in meetings each week; they are part of most work environments. How do feel about the role you play in meetings? Do you often leave feeling frustrated that you didn’t really get to express what you wanted to? It is likely to vary by the meeting type of course but in...
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Dressing authentically at work

Do you feel you can be you at work? Or, do you feel that you continually have to put on a front? Being a different version of you at work is fine but trying to be someone you are not, isn’t. You will perform to the best of your abilities when you can be yourself....
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Why dresses are your secret weapon

Dresses…do you wear them or are they something strictly reserved for nights out and weddings? With the change in corporate culture in recent years, some might argue there is a greater role for them in our professional wardrobe. I would be one of them. As dress codes have relaxed, it is often said that men...
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