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Dancing through the day | Blog post

By Erica Wolfe-Murray It doesn’t matter whether you are a mum or a dad, trying to co-ordinate your working life with children is a dance from the moment the alarm hums at you in the morning, til those glorious minutes you tuck your arm under your pillow and close your eyes at night. But by...
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From burnout to balance | Cara de Lange

It had hit me. Burnout. With a capital B. Attending meetings had me in a sweat. I felt tired but wired at the same time. I struggled …really struggled with daily tasks. Giving my kids a bath left me feeling exhausted. I suffered insomnia. I started to feel anxious. It was a slow burner that...
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The art of balance | The working mum

Every modern working woman knows that life is a balancing act: a tight rope walk between being confident but not “bossy”, ambitious but not a “neglectful mum”, a social butterfly but also a businesswoman and a great mum. Becoming a working mother has been the ultimate test for me in a world where I grew...
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Being ‘peacefully busy’ | Cara de Lange

So there I was hurtling along the street trying to catch my daughter’s balloon that the wind had plucked from her hand as she came out of school, when I crashed into the branch of a tree and ended up at the emergency department. Luckily the cut on my forehead looked worse than it was...
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Managing a work-life balance through technology

For many years I have juggled with the challenges of work and home life. Being a mother is my priority; however, this has never stopped me from pursuing my career and drive to succeed. I have now worked in the education sector for 13 years and I am lucky enough to be with an organisation...
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Work life balance: The reality after the best laid plans

By Verity Brown, Managing Partner at The Specialist Works Before I returned from maternity leave, I thought I had my work/life balance all worked out; it seemed so easy. I had listened intently to friend’s advice, read all the right magazine articles and pored over inspirational LinkedIn posts. Don’t work on a Friday. Go to...
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Seven ways to get a better work-life balance | Infographic

The expectation for staff to stay at their desks after their working hours has increased significantly over the years, so its no surprise that there’s been a surge in mental health related problems in the workplace. With people working longer, stress and anxiety are becoming more prevalent work and related stress is costing Britain 10.4...
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How to get a good work life balance (F)

How to get a good work life balance

As the nation’s workers are spending more time than ever before in the office, it’s not surprising that our research found that nearly two thirds (60.9 per cent) of UK employees admit to feeling stressed and overworked. And, it’s no wonder then that further data published by CV-Library earlier this year found that eight per...
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