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How to get a good work life balance (F)

The art of work life balance is to stop balancing

The search for the perfect work life balance seems ideal and yet in many way the words do not make sense. When you think about work life balance create in your mind a picture of doing that – do you feel content and happy? Probably not. That’s because trying to balance life and work becomes...
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flexible healthcare benefits, Dr Kenny Livingstone

Flexible healthcare benefits are the future of a good work-life balance

By Dr Kenny Livingstone, CMO and founder of ZoomDoc Every parent has experienced the stress of tending to a sick child. Research has shown that on average, we miss three hours of work per month supporting our little ones. The days of expecting all mothers to stay at home to the detriment of their career...
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flexible working, working from home featured

Challenging business: How can we make the home life balance work achieve growth?

Businesses plan. A good working model puts in place a strategy for growth and success. Then comes the implementation, where we work and juggle the elements in the strategy grow our business through its working life, the ups and downs of success and setback. How many businesses consider their workforce juggling and growing their families...
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Paola Diana Nanny & Butler 2

Motherhood, juggling work & home life tips & advice on becoming an entrepreneur

I am a single working mother to two wonderful children and I can’t stress enough the importance of a good routine in being successful as an entrepreneur and a parent. How do I manage a busy life as a mother, author and entrepreneur with two offices and two houses in two different countries, three companies,...
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Content Soup featured

Juggling first-time motherhood with being an entrepreneur

Jasmine Headley-Craik and Nina Green are the co-owners of Leeds-based PR agency, Content Soup, which they set up in 2014. To find out more about what they do, visit www.contentsoup.co.uk We set up our small boutique PR agency, Content Soup, in February 2014, after both working in the industry for over 10 years. Things were...
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Working from home with small children featured

How to effectively manage your time as an entrepreneur and working mum

  Being an entrepreneur and a working mum are two full time jobs in themselves, so how can we better manage our time and succeed at both?! Ten years ago, I launched my wedding and event business, I am married with a seven-year-old son, and here are my top tips on effectively managing your time:...
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How to keep a good work life balance in 2018!

With 2018 in full swing many of us struggle to maintain a work life balance, BUT with Healthy Body, Happy Me Week on the 5th-9th March focusing on raising awareness of the importance of good health it’s now time to prioritise your well being! London-based law firm Brookman Solicitors recent survey has revealed that 63%...
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How to get a good work life balance (F)

A balancing act

I’ve never allowed the stereotype of a “teenage mum” to phase my determination and enthusiasm to succeed in a career in marketing. Having worked full time in a variety of different industries, including, retail, technology, manufacturing, distribution and now facilities management, both overseas and in the UK – all while raising a child – has...
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