When you think about planning your week, you might picture doing it on a Monday morning, when the week is fresh and full of promise.

Have you ever considered that Friday could actually be the best day to set your agenda for the coming week? Many people find that planning on Friday brings a sense of closure to the week and sets them up for success. Whether you’re aiming for a productive workweek or simply want to stay organised, planning your week on a Friday has surprising benefits.

Fresh memories

On Friday, everything from the week is still fresh in your mind. You remember what went well, what didn’t and what needs to be tackled next. It’s the best time to reflect and set your priorities.

Less pressure

Fridays are generally more relaxed. The weekend is just around the corner, and the pressure of the week has eased. This relaxed vibe helps you think clearly and plan effectively.

Time to think

On Fridays, you have the time to think about what’s coming up. You can consider your goals and schedule without rushing. This makes for a more thoughtful and effective plan.

Better work-life balance

When you plan your week on Friday, you set yourself up for a smooth transition into the weekend. You can relax knowing the upcoming week is sorted out, which gives you more peace of mind during your time off.

Boost morale

Creating a plan on Friday can boost your morale. You end the week on a positive note, feeling prepared and organised. It’s a great feeling to go into the weekend with a plan in place.

Ahead of the game

By planning on Friday, you’re ahead of the game. When Monday rolls around, you already know what needs to be done. You hit the ground running instead of scrambling to catch up.

A clear start

When you plan on Friday, you start Monday with a clear head. You don’t waste time figuring out what to do. Instead, you dive straight into the tasks you’ve already set.

Build momentum

Planning on Friday helps you build momentum. You’re still in work mode and can easily map out the next steps. This momentum carries over into the next week, making you more productive.


Fridays are great for planning because they’re relaxed, you have fresh memories and you end the week on a positive note. You also get a head start on the next week, setting yourself up for success. By taking a few minutes on Friday to reflect and set goals, you can make your Monday morning much smoother and more productive. Give it a try, and you might find Fridays become your favourite planning day too.

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