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Beyond the classroom: why continual education matters

Article provided by Oksana Afonina, Senior Director of EMEA Growth at AppLovin Whether you finished education in Year 13 or university, it’s normal to consider this part of your life finished as you enter the workforce. The truth is, education is crucial for personal development and career progression. While education requires time and commitment, education...
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Malala Fund urges supporters to take the #FullForce pledge this International Women’s Day

Malala Fund has launched the #FullForce pledge on International Women’s Day to encourage supporters around the world to take action for girls’ education. The pledge is available in nine languages and provides signers with steps they can take to help girls thrive. A student might agree to learn to code or share Assembly articles about...
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The MBA: Five reasons why you should take it personally

Top international business schools meet executive talent through One-to-One meetings in London on September 24th, 2018. Over the past years the Master of Business Administration (MBA) has become a highly valued degree not only in business-related fields, but in areas as diverse as sports management and aviation. And rightfully so – it can be an...
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How to ask your employer for education funding

Some adults may feel that they could bring more to their role with the right knowledge and training. However, it’s possible that many people think that they can’t speak to their employer and ask them for education funding. Perhaps they believe that this is an inappropriate question to ask, or they don’t think that their...
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Inspirational Woman: Professor Helen Marshall | Vice Chancellor, University of Salford

I’m Vice Chancellor of The University of Salford, a role which I’ve held for three years. Prior to coming to Salford, I was Deputy Vice-Chancellor at the University of South Wales and before that I held senior roles at the University of Central Lancashire and the University of Cumbria. I’ve worked in the North West...
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Changing your career through further studies

After 14 years working in project and operations management in the retail sector, I felt that something needed to change, due to a shift in my personal circumstances and becoming a mum for the first time. Although positive steps were taken over that 14-year time period to accommodate some flexibility within the sector, the demands...
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Advance your skills and pay it forward by volunteering as a school governor

Seeking a way to pay it forward? Wanting to improve the education of the children of the future? Then you may have what it takes to become a school governor. Volunteering as a governor is a great opportunity to expand your skills, benefitting you both personally and professionally but also helping those around you. School...
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“Girls’ education is the Swiss Army knife, the Rosetta Stone, the Black and Decker toolkit that solves a multitude of the world’s problems,” says Boris Johnson

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has described girls’ education, “the Swiss Army knife, the Rosetta Stone, the Black and Decker toolkit that solves a multitude of the world’s problems.” Johnson’s comments come as he encourages global leaders to sign up to 12 years of quality education for the world’s most marginalised girls. At a launch reception,...
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