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Despite being a natural part of ageing, the statistics around menopause, careers and support for women make for shocking reading.

Recent research from the Fawcett Society found that one in ten women who have worked during the menopause have left a job due to their symptoms. Eight out of ten women said their employer hasn’t shared information, trained staff or put in a menopause absence policy. Almost half of women haven’t approached their GPs about the menopause and three in ten of those who have experienced delays in diagnosis. 

More clearly needs to be done to raise awareness of menopause, to get people having meaningful conversations and share help and support when needed.

Here are WeAreTheCity, we want to offer our support to try and help you navigate through these new challenges. We’ve got a whole host of themed features, opinion pieces, resources, advice articles and much more.

If there is anything you feel we have missed, then please let us know at [email protected]

Menopause Event | 16th June (Instagram Post)
Recommended Watching
Menopause: More Than Just A Desk Fan

While the UK has seen an extraordinary uptick in media coverage and discussions around menopause in recent months, companies, individuals and other organisations are still challenged to understand in practice what the growing body of information and openness around menopause means for them.

We have gathered leading lights and organisations who are leading the way in the Menopause space to join us for this event. We are honoured to be welcoming Professor Dame Lesley Regan, Chair of Wellbeing of Women, Sharon Vibert, Director, Henpicked, Sam Simister, Co-founder, Gen M, Pamela Hutchinson OBE, Global Head of D&I, Bloomberg, Emma Campbell, Author and Columnist, and Lee Chambers, Essentialise Workplace Wellbeing, as well as guests from the Financial Skills CouncilMidlife Switch (The Natural Menopause approach) and Over the Bloody Moon.



GenM is the menopause partner for brands and organisations. We exist to incite a first-of-its-kind movement to make the menopause a more positive experience for everyone, and introduce forward-thinking brands, organisations and employers to this new, commercially attractive market in a responsible, ethical way.

Menopause Friendly

Join the inspirational, pioneering employers who are changing the way people think about menopause and are putting the right support in place. Accreditation shows that you have a clear understanding of how menopause can have an effect at work and shows that you care about the wellbeing of your colleagues.

Over the Bloody Moon

Over The Bloody Moon is a collective of specialists, coaches and HR experts on a mission to remove the muddle from menopause. They operate globally, partnering with companies on a comprehensive but bespoke range of  support and learning resources which help fund free outreach activities

Menopause in the workplace is CPD accredited menopause training which makes it easy for you to support your colleagues. We help you develop the right policies, practices and cultural change for your business. Our services include a wide-range of training: webinars, in-person and eLearning too.

Wellbeing of Women

Wellbeing of Women is the only UK charity dedicated to funding research across all of women’s reproductive and gynaecological health, including menstruation, fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, gynaecological cancers, menopause and incontinence.

Henpicked logo

Henpicked is one of the UK’s largest, fastest-growing websites for women who weren’t born yesterday. We’re here to give women a place to have their say, sparking discussion, promoting healthy debate and bringing about positive change.

My Menopause Centre

Helping you navigate your menopause journey with evidence-based information and advice on the menopause, symptoms and treatment options. Providing you with personalised care through our specialist online menopause clinic.

Healthy, Wise & Well, Maryon Stewart

Maryon Stewart is the author of “Manage Your Menopause Naturally”. A world-renowned healthcare expert, who is often referred to as the Pioneer of the Natural Menopause Movement.


Peppy Menopause is a safe space where people can talk about all their menopause symptoms, concerns and treatment options with highly trained and accredited expert menopause practitioners.

Simply Hormones

Over at SimplyHormones.com, we have dedicated specialist online learning for individual women and groups. Learn all about menopause, how to cope and how to manage peri-menopause.

Talking Menopause

Talking Menopause is a leading provider of menopause workshops, online learning, webinars and programmes helping organisations transform their culture and create menopause confident workplaces.

Online Menopause Centre

The UK’s first online menopause clinic providing affordable & convenient Hormone Replacement Therapy to all women experiencing menopause related conditions.

The Perimenopause Blueprint

The essential online course to help you navigate your perimenopause journey. We designed the Perimenopause Blueprint course to help you navigate the maze of information out there and to educate and equip you with tools to manage your symptoms, so you can feel great again. 

Davina McCall
Recommended Watching
Davina McCall: Sex, Myths and the Menopause | Channel 4

In this documentary, Channel 4 challenges our reluctance to talk about the menopause. With startling honesty, Davina McCall describes her own menopause journey, busting the myths surrounding the transition, and dispelling the shame and fear around hormone replacement therapy.