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with McAllister Olivarius

McAllister Olivarius is a transatlantic law firm with offices in the UK and the US. Our purpose is to make whole those who have suffered injustice. Our vision is a better world where the law works for everyone.

We have built an international reputation for providing skilful and supportive representation in the fields of employment, higher education, online reputation, trafficking and sexual violence. We’ve represented many victims and survivors at major institutions including Amazon, Deutsche Bank, the Catholic Church, TIME magazine and the universities of Oxford, Cambrige, California and Rochester, to name a few.

Dr Ann Olivarius started the firm in 1996, so we are celebrating 25 years of fighting for the underdog and looking forward to expanding our work particularly in making equality law work for everyone; ensuring everyone can thrive in a better world of work; ensuring everyone can access higher education free from sexual violence and harassment; bringing justice to those bullied and harassed online; and holding all perpetrators of rape to account.

Dr Olivarius made American legal history as a plaintiff in the landmark 1977 Title IX case that determined that US universities were illegally discriminating against women students if they did not have a system for deterring and punishing sexual harassment by professors. She is joined at the firm by Dr Jef McAllister, Managing Partner, Georgina Calvert-Lee, head of our UK practice and Paul Hughes, head of our U.S. practice, who lead a wider group of diligent and determined legal experts.

We’ve taken on some of the world’s most powerful, sophisticated and legally aggressive institutions, successfully  – and we are delighted to be able to offer our accumulated experience in the service of the We Are The City network.

WeAreVirtual: Women, know your employment rights | Georgina Calvert-Lee

Georgina Calvert-Lee, barrister and discrimination and harassment lawyer, is empowering women to know their employment rights in 2021.

Georgina is providing a crash course on employment law, particularly workplace discrimination and harassment.

Georgina will equip you with the understanding to:

  • Spot inequality covered under the Equality Act
  • Recognise, record and report harassment
  • Act if you suspect unequal pay in your workplace, or between you and your male colleague
  • Prove/report victimisation
Georgina Calvert-Lee

Meet Georgina Calvert-Lee

Georgina Calvert-Lee is Head of UK Practice and Senior Counsel at transatlantic law firm McAllister Olivarius. Her expertise lies in discrimination, harassment and sexual violence law in employment and elsewhere. 

She has represented individuals with employment claims in many industries, with a particular focus on those working in the City.  Her clients’ roles span the work hierarchy, from entry level to the chief executive, and she has navigated successful outcomes in discrimination, equal pay, sexual harassment/assault, victimisation and whistle-blowing claims.  Not all cases involve bringing a claim of discrimination, but an understanding of its pervasiveness helps Georgina negotiate fairer terms of employment or exit for her clients.