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Never has lifelong learning been more needed than now | Nicola Urquhart

  With the focus on changes to working and careers throughout the Covid period, Nicola Urquhart, Lecturer in Careers and Employability at the University of Kent, explains why lifelong learning and a return to post-graduate study may be a vital step for employees and employers. The world of work has changed dramatically over the last...
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Five reads you need to manage change | Warwick Business School

 The literature on change management is so vast that it’s often difficult to see the wood for the trees. What future should we seek to orient ourselves around? Once this is decided, who should be in the driving seat? Are we supposed to drive change top-down or bottom-up, and when? How can we make dual...
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Personalising onboarding will save leaders money | Warwick Business School

 Numerous studies and surveys over the years have shown the importance of successfully onboarding new recruits. Employees are at most risk of leaving their job in those first months when they gain a sense of whether they fit with the job itself, with their colleagues, and with the culture of the organisation. Successful onboarding is...
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Inspiring MBAs: Meet ‘Women in Business Club’ co-founder Sresha Banerjee | Warwick Business School

 During her Full-time MBA, Sresha co-founded the ‘WBS MBA Women in Business Club’ to further the cause of gender equality and her desire to make a difference only continues to grow. Sresha joins us to discuss the importance of raising your voice, starting productive discussions, and becoming an ally so that we can stop imagining a world where gender...
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Celebrate IWD by furthering your education with Oxford Said | Unique Discounts

  Oxford Said are endeavouring to challenge the disproportionate socioeconomic inequalities impacting women alongside challenging gender inequity. To contribute to the IWD celebrations, Oxford Said Business School offering  special discounts to members of their partner organisations on a selection of open programmes. Oxford Driving Disruptive Growth A programme to enable visionary leaders to take a...
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Marina Antoniou

Women need to manage career to overcome barriers | Warwick Business School

 Banking Consultant Marina Antoniou says women need to proactively manage their career to overcome the biases and barriers that persist in business. Although progress is being made, women still only make up 33 per cent of FTSE 100 directors, while only 10 per cent of executive roles are held by females, according to Cranfield University’s...
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Joan MacNaughton

Joan MacNaughton on dealing with male prejudice | Warwick Business School

 When Joan MacNaughton returned to work after her honeymoon in 1979 her boss in the civil service called her into his office with a worried look on his face. “Now that I was married, he asked me if I would be able to carry on working in my role, which was a demanding one,” says...
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Warwick Business School Core Insights

The authentic founder – how to stay true to your values | Warwick Business School

 By Deniz Ucbasaran “As a general rule, I would not touch a corporate… I would just sell my soul.” So said the founder of a communications agency specialising in the charity sector and built on his ethical, environmental and social justice agenda. Staying authentic to their values is often important for entrepreneurs. Indeed, our comms...
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Ugochi Agoreyo

The culture ceiling | Warwick Business School

 Ugochi Agoreyo, Head of Channel for SAP West Africa, and Full-time MBA alumna, explores the concept of the culture ceiling in the work place, discussing if this is why women in some geographies are not negotiating their way to the top and sharing her advice for those looking to break it. Across the world, research...
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