InterTech LGBT+

What InterTech do:

Support the professional development of our individual members by:

  • Creating networking opportunities for members to build professional relationships
  • Hosting educational events which focus on LGBT+ issues in their workplaces and broader professional development related to technology
  • Delivering mentorship programs which link LGBT+ members early in their careers with other more established members

Accelerate progress of members’ employee LGBT+ networks by:

  • Facilitating connections between leaders of LGBT+ networks and creating forums to share best practices
  • Encouraging the pooling of resources in development and rollout of diversity & inclusion initiatives across companies

Engage with the wider tech industry and LGBT+ community by:

  • Raising the profile, inspiring and promoting the achievements of LGBT+ professionals or groups of LGBT+ people within the tech industry
  • Maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with other relevant external LGBT+ groups and networks
  • Providing a platform for fundraising for LGBT+ community and technology related charities