PurpleSpace is the UK’s only learning, networking and professional development hub for disabled employees, employee network leaders and allies from all sectors and trades.

The one thing we have in common is that we want to find and share ways of being our best selves at work.

PurpleSpace has developed out of Kate Nash Associates work in supporting or establishing many of these employee networks. Our 300 clients include Fujitsu, Barclays, EY, Metropolitan Police Service, Home Office, Thomson Reuters and RBS.

Over the last 8 years as networks have matured, conversations about disability at work have moved from ‘getting in’ to ‘getting on’. And so the demand for a supportive career focused community of network leaders and disabled employees has grown. The requests have come from both disabled people and the employers who want to invest in the talent and career progression of disabled employees.

The call for a hub to bring DEN leaders and disabled employees together to share best practice was reinforced during consultation with 55 employers and over 2,500 disabled employees for Kate Nash Associates first book ‘Secrets & Big News’ launched in April 2014.

So whether you are an employee with: autism, arthritis, polio, dyslexia, a stammer, a visual impairment, a long-term health or mental health condition or any other disability or impairment then this platform has something for you. If you just like the sound of what we are doing and want to know more, you are also very welcome. Find out more about why you should join PurpleSpace