PLAYBACK: Using PR to Keep Visible in Chaotic Times | Natalie Trice

WeAreVirtual: Using PR to Keep Visible in Chaotic Times | Natalie Trice

Recorded live 29 September 2020

What is PR and how you can use it in these tricky times?

There is no doubt that PR can play a valuable role in helping brands to stand out from the crowd and maintain visibility during these chaotic times.
While some people think PR is just for major players and celebrities, I disagree.
You don’t need massive budgets of a big agency to represent you to get into the media, but you do need a starting point and some knowledge.
This session will look at what PR really is, as well as what it isn’t.
Natalie will talk through five easy steps that you can start to follow today.  Free of jargon and judgement, with no red pen in sight, you will come away with hints and tips, plus daily activities that help you become visible and ride the wave of challenging times.

About Natalie:

Natalie Trice is an author as well as a PR consultant, mentor and trainer.

Having worked in PR for the past 23 years, Natalie has a wealth of experience, knowledge that she combines with creative thinking and a packed contact list!

Being visible doesn’t come natural for everyone, but Natalie knows only too well how powerful it can be and makes this a reality for everyone she works with.

Her second book, PR School: Your Time to Shine, is out now and is a masterclass in self-promotion that comes with a side serving of confidence.

Natalie lives by the sea in Devon with her husband, sons and two news hounds, Coco and Dotty.

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