Caprice Bourret featured

Inspirational Woman: Caprice Bourret | Businesswoman, model & actress

Caprice Bourret is an award-winning model, businesswoman and philanthropist. Having shot to fame in the 1990s, Caprice’s break-through front cover was Vogue Magazine. She is often referred to as ‘one of the most photographed women in the world’ and has appeared on more than 350 magazine covers across the globe and over 150 TV shows...
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Penny Powers featured

Inspirational Woman: Penny Power OBE | Entrepreneur, author, businesswoman & speaker

Penny Power OBE started leading conversations in business wellness in 1998 when she founded the world’s first business online community, Ecademy. She has been a business owner, speaker and author for 20 years. She was awarded her OBE by the Queen in January 2014 for her contribution to Entrepreneurship in the Social Digital World. Penny’s...
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Women in sales featured

Women are charging into the sales business

Women have been fighting for their rights for an extremely long time. Just imagine that the first right to vote was granted only after two hundred years of battling and it still hasn’t been obtained in some countries. However, this is not a post about feministic movement, as it might have seemed at first. Today,...
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Tyra Banks: “Don’t let anything personal get in the way of your career goals”

Tyra Banks gave an inspiring keynote speech on business at Galore Media’s first female empowerment-focused Girl Cult festival. The supermodel took to the Fonda Theatre stage to discuss female empowerment, overcoming obstacles in business and being a prominent BAME woman in the industry. She began doling out business advice to the crowd, telling girls in...
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When you’ve got a captive audience – hit ‘em with your big balls’

It’s late, you’re still in the office at Marks and Spencer, still in a dead end job, still in a man’s world and nobody will give you a break. Exhausted, you take the lift to go home. And who should walk in… is it David Beckham? You’ve lucked out. What was he doing at Marks...
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