Chief Marketing officer
Diana Davies-Harju

Inspirational Woman: Diana Davies-Harju | Chief Marketing Officer, Magnifi

Diana Davies-Harju is a founding member and the CMO of Magnifi, a global mobile on-demand knowledge sharing marketplace, connecting experts with knowledge seekers through paid, real-time audio/video consultation. Diana is also the head of customer experience where she takes on an agile, collaborative and data-driven approach that inspires a lean startup methodology. She has a...
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Christine Bailey featured

Inspirational Woman: Dr Christine Bailey | CMO, Valitor

Dr Christine Bailey joined Valitor, an international technology and payments company, as Chief Marketing Officer in August 2017. She has 25+ years’ experience of business to business marketing in the technology sector, including leading European marketing functions for large companies (Hewlett-Packard and Cisco Systems), as well as smaller companies such as Extraprise, Cambridge Technology Partners...
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Juliet Barratt featured

Inspirational Woman: Juliet Barratt | Co-founder & Chief Marketing Officer, Grenade

At only 44 years old, Grenade’s Co- Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Juliet Barratt has had a fascinating career which has spanned education, charity and training, before succeeding in the world of marketing and sports nutrition, with the launch of market leading sports performance and active nutrition brand, Grenade. Beginning her career in education, as...
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