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Schoolgirls forced to wear shorts under their skirts to prevent harassment

MPs have heard that schoolgirls are wearing shorts underneath their school skirts to prevent being harassed by boys. The Women and Equalities Committee heard from experts who claimed young girls were changing the way they acted due to an increased ‘normalised culture of sexual harassment.’ Experts are now calling for a change in attitudes to...
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Ambivalent about having children? Me too

It’s taken a long time to realise it but now I see I’ve always been ambivalent about having children. There was a period in my late 30s, when the clock was ticking fast, when I thought I definitely wanted to be a mum and I blamed all the men I met for not wanting to...
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‘Why I do not want my children to be managers’

The term ‘manager’ has been around for several hundred years and has been something of a traditional target for those with a career aspiration. In fact it has been an almost unquestioned goal for many people. However, I for one, will not be encouraging my children down that path. The reason is that the role...
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Calls for business to take action as UK workforce hit by childcare costs

A new report published by the Family and Childcare Trust, alongside Parental Choice, has revealed for the first time that the high cost of childcare is preventing millions of parents from working, with industries who rely on shift work being particularly hit. Currently, over 4.4 million parents (34% of all parents with dependent children) are...
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The Who Cares? Trust

The Who Cares? Trust is a national charity for children in care and care leavers, established in 1992 and based in Angel, Islington. There are currently 93,000 children in care in the UK. Children are taken into care when they are thought to be in such serious danger that there is no other option than...
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Career vs Family: 5 tips for finding the balance

For decades, women have fought for their right to be recognised as equals to men – and while it’s no longer necessary to choose one over the other, finding the balance between a busy family life and a demanding career can be a challenge. From arranging childcare to attending parent-teacher meetings to managing bedtimes, juggling...
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Should politics be in the school curriculum?

In a recent meeting held at WeAreTheCity HQ we voiced our opinions on the politics and discovered that the younger team members were oblivious to the subject. We then debated on whether politics should be taught at a younger age in school or even become a GCSE in its own right. We have gathered opinions...
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Child playing dress up

When I grow up I want to be… – Plate Spinner Blog

“When I grow up I want to be…” Ah. Eight words that echo through the generations of children that have come before my son. Eight words that signify the unbridled optimism of having an age still in single digits, words that swell with the limitless possibilities that are spread before your feet when your main...
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