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The best investment piece you’ll ever buy

As women, we are often given investment advice. Not the type that will help us retire comfortably. It won’t help you buy a house or put your daughter through school. Generally, the investment advice we receive centres on fashion. How many times have you seen a magazine article admonishing you to “invest in a new...
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female founder

More than money: How can we truly invest in female founders?

The zero gender gap is a destination where progress arrives at different speeds. Parliament now has 191 (29 per cent) female MPs compared to 58 (nine per cent) a generation ago. By contrast, Law Society numbers show that 61 per cent of young lawyers are female (although the numbers tail off dramatically as seniority increases),...
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Flex those investing muscles

Flexing those investing muscles

Most of us think about our financial security – having more money now and for the future. We can do this by spending less, working harder or making our money work harder for us. The latter seems to be the obvious choice and the way to do that is by investing it. Investments also benefit...
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